Snowpocalypse 2022

Been a while since we had one of these threads but this weekend should live up to the name.

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Wonder if this has the potential to turn into the November storm everyone remembers. Going to really depend on that wind and if it holds in one place or not.


Figures. I am headed up tomorrow night for the week.

Well I sold my snowmobile so I won’t be volunteering with Lancaster FD to shuttle guys around on the sled this time.


Screencap from WIVB’s forecast showing totals through Sunday evening.

Installed the snow tires on the Audi and Buick last night. Tonight I’m clearing out my garage so we can get the cars back in and pulling the snow blower out of the back shed storage.

I have a sweet new company 4x4 truck, so we’ll never get snow here again lol

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Got my snow removal fleet ready to go this week, so I’m all set for this storm.


That snowblower looks like a beast!

Ah Snowvember. So many welfare checks, so much snow. I had fun that week.

I can clear 5 or 6 driveways on my road with pretty good ease. I wish I had a front mount because my neck takes a beating running the rear mount blower, but it definitely gets the job done.

It’s so much easier to plow when we get a few inches, but storms like what they’re calling for this weekend are why I keep my tractor handy!

Friend just posted this. No idea what app that is or where it pulls data.

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What series tractor is that and would you recommend?
I’m going back and forth between a full on tractor and something like the x739

It’s a 1 series sub compact, same model just posted for sale in Sanborn today:

I can’t speak for any other brands as this is my 1st tractor purchase, but I know the R on the 1025 model gives you 4wd, armrests and some other convenient upgrades.

Differences found here: John Deere 1023E vs. 1025R: What Are the Differences?

As for X series vs subcompact, it’s a no-brainer if you ask me. Just having the bucket alone has saved me thousands in work I would have had to pay out around the house. I’d like to add a cab & front mount blower, but I’d be better off to just sell mine order it new that way.

Awesome thanks!

I did the same thing in West Seneca. But a couple years ago I moved my sled to the Adirondacks since it’s not worth keeping it here to ride the 2 days the trails are open. Storms like this make me wish it was here. I could rip the roads everywhere, nobody’s going to bother ya.

Got the blower ready

Just paid my plow guy. I’ll sit in my chair with my coffee and watch my driveway get cleared :slight_smile:

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I’m just waiting for the…. Oh the weather got warmer, and we all get a couple inches.

For Northern Erie:
Weather channel says 2-6 inches
AccuWeather says 2-3 feet
Channel 4 says 8-12
Channel 2 says ehh 1-2 feet somewhere.

I snagged the 2nd last snow shovel at Home Depot in Niagara Falls so I’m ready :+1:

Latest NOAA as of 6:50am 11/16. Switched from a watch to a warning.


  • WHAT…Heavy lake effect snow expected. Total snow
    accumulations of 2 to 3 feet in the most persistent lake
    snows. The heaviest snow is expected late Thursday night
    through Friday night when snowfall rates could exceed two
    inches per hour. Snowfall totals of up to 4 feet will be
    possible if the main snow band is slower to push north late
    Friday night. Winds gusting as high as 35 mph.

  • WHERE…Northern Erie and Genesee counties.

  • WHEN…From 7 PM Thursday to 1 PM EST Sunday.

Manager meeting at work and pretty sure we’re shutting the office down Thursday night and going to our “covid operations” where everyone works from home on Friday, unless there is a major change in the forecast during the day Thursday. Sitting here on the southern part of 14228 we’re on the edge of the worst of it Thursday night/Friday with a lot of our people living in the middle of the band. The general consensus was there was no point getting people here and risking them not being able to get home when we have procedures in place that we perfected over covid to have people work remotely.