Karma :)


Why no official announcement about the awesomeness of karma being back :tspry:


I forget how to use it lol. how do you give karma?



oh i thought that was to report a post or something NOICE

also, LOL @ my avatar and signature. I don’t have them turned on so I never changed it. Haven’t owned that car in 2+ years.


You can go in and see who gave you karma when the old karma system was in place too. I think it was all anonymous before.

Click on the little Star of David on the far left of the reply/reply with quote bar.


I’m gunna poz everybody so hard in their neg hole


There was an announcement: http://www.nyspeed.com/showthread.php?242178-vB-Updates&p=4583959&viewfull=1#post4583959

It is still a work in progress and needs more tweaking but yes, due to a recent merger it is back. Abuse it and I will go out of my way to write it out of the nyspeed templates.


lol it’s called “Reputation” not Karma and consider it a transitional addition while we look for a ‘like’ or ‘thank’ system.

The system is super old and the levels need to be updated:


“is starting to make JEG look smart”

“has sent junk pics to Dawn”



I don’t see anything wrong with the levels


Well, it is definitely broken as we can be sure this is not true:




Let’s not break our nice things again, kiddies. :tup:


new to this feature…so whats its purpose?

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hey wth! It says im not the brightest crayon in the box…cmon now lol


There is none, lol.


internet cock size measuring


There’s some gems in there. The_Russian, lol.


LMAO am i that awful to have -5 :frowning:


lol wth
now its red and i sentz no pics to dawn…never even met dawn



Asking why you have negative Karma is a great way to receive more negative Karma. To be honest, sending Dawn junk pics and proving it would likely help.