Kind of like an old gf...

Browsing PITTspeed still brings back many fond memories. I think enough time has gone by to get over all the BS that occurred a few years ago. Still a lot of old heads out there in to cars that I would love a way to connect with. Mute your egos and jump back on.

PS Darkstar is still my bitch


The OG PITTspeed people have a service to this community that they have neglected over the past few years. Car clubs are starting every day and have no idea how much they suck because we are not there to tell them about it. Do your part to flame these young new kids that think bouncing a engine off of a two step is the latest hotness.

Where all da keyboard warriors at?!?!?!?

Woooo !! It’s back

It would be nice to have yet another forum to distract me from productivity at work. Btw has anyone seen my dick towel?

Gates * need to update your signature (:

rofl i forgot about the signature on here. i will change it once i am done laughing at it!


Yay about time.

Yes!!! This is great. Dick head mode is checked at the door.

If it’s back lets see what everyone has now. I still have the same rides…G8 and WS.6.

Still got 4doors5gears for the showing off and now an 03 Cobra for my grocery-getting duties.

Ws6 prob has the same miles…

05 Crew cab dually silverado.

In the works of another new project. Going back to 4th gen

Everybody needs to update sigs

Hi, I’m cheeks, I’m internet famous

In for Christmas party.

Kinda like a old girlfriend you see that started turning tricks. B**** gained about 80 pounds, and is in dire straights.

i have a spare original license plate frame for someone to wear!

my my my…bout fucking time…

Not gonna lie, I checked this thread like 5 times for updates. Get this bitch rolling again, the local scene needs a forum back!