Knewman's Knuckle



Oh. My. God. That’s wonderful.

Frankly; I’d be terrified to ride it around here. Too many idiot cagers to [potentially] take you out.


That looks beautiful. Love the color contrast of the bolt heads, unless my eyes are getting old and it’s the same color?


They’re heat treated 17-4ph (180ksi), so yes. They’re sort of a brown color.




I can’t stop staring. is that rude?


I hope the rest of the bike can live up to the front end! It looks insane!


I’m sure he’s not going to attach that springer to a stock Sportster frame…




Lots of work here. 30 hours over 3 days into this part, excluding design time.

Scrapped the old steering neck. Got this new casting. Has a hole to help fixture it.

The hole worked!

Machininizing bearing seats:

Start sanding:

Looking pretty good after hitting it with 240 for a few hours. Not shown: several more hours of 400 and 600 grit

Lots of dust and belts and sandpaper:

Rough polish with a sisal wheel and black rouge:

Then it was back to the mill to machine the hole in the neck a bit and then back to the buffer… nice and shiny

Then to finish it off, a pair of uncirculated 1940 walking liberty half dollars. My bike is officially worth 1 dollar. Some minor scratches I have to polish out after assembly.


Awesome. Looks much better than the original. :bigtup:




:tup: Solid Update. That looks sick.



Got some of the frame done. 316L SS construction. Coins in the neck are 1940 walking liberties. (motor is a 1940 knuck motor). Seems like my rear external drive setup is going to work. Not fully welded yet. Still need to make a bunch of frame parts including neck gusset, rear motor mount, rear trans mount. Will go back in the jig for that. Motor is rotated back 6 degrees for more vertical downtubes. All oil lines run inside frame. Tires are on backwards because I’m dumb. Everything is custom, really. Front hub is assymetric and laced half 4 cross, half radial.



This was the only picture I took of a weld. It came out kind of wavy and it’s in the most visible area. If it bugs me too much I’ll go over it again…


Can we get a better shot of the downtube where you have what look like spindles about a foot from the lug?


I don’t have any completed close shots at the moment, but here are the pieces before I welded them in, and when the frame was just in the jig held together with nothing but zip ties. These pieces were done on a manual lathe. Rough tooled with lathe tooling then shaped to final with a file.

Also, I just finished up this neck gusset tube/upper motor mount parts on my lunch break. You can see the oil crossover tube on the front section.


Looking great man


More pictures of some progress:

In case you were wondering how it was done. Multiple pieces, then threaded together and welded.