Kouki in Top Gear


I dont agree

Well we made it close… nice find.

Cant believe the harsh comments on the kouki though:(

when i park my car and walk into my house i turn around and take another look at my 240

You do have to remember, it was tested in the same class as BMW’s and Benz’s etc. Also jeremy clarkson drives exotics as a fulltime job. His opinion of a car is different than ours. I’ll go back to 97 era and say if i drove 355’s and aston martins daily, I wouldn’t find a kouki 200sx to be anything special either.

haha i still think the kouki looks sick. maybe a drop will make it look better though. But yea, i guess he just doesn’t have the characteristics of the target group that nissan was going after.

We also do not drive stock 200sx’s eitheir. For example, I have never driven a 240 without coilovers. Almost all of us with S14’s have some sort of modification that would allow it to perform in some way that is superior to a stock 200sx. Imagine paying 40K for a stock kouki without an aftermarket for it. It wouldn’t be the best buy to me eitheir.

I do love the simple interiors…that shift knob has to go though. What a horrendously large blob of a shift knob.

^^ true, I actually can’t believe it was in the same category as those other cars haha good job for being the one that’s actually fun to drive

Well the only negative thing said was he didn’t like the appearance and interior. Both of those are a matter of personal preference/taste. Performance wise he had nothing negative to say. He actually had a ton of fun driving the car the way he put it.

Lol@ cutting the prelude and celica before even going into its performance. Basically said they ugly and get them out of here.

pounds per smile.
this thing wins.
why didnt they ever test the s15? :frowning:

s15 wasnt for a global market like those cars, it was only sold in japan, new zealand and australia.

LMAO of course jeremy’s choice was an alfa

i should have fuckin known

jeremy has always had bad taste in the way cars look. p.s he should have drive one with coilovers, but he would have probibly said it was way to bumpy…

Why would you pick a FWD v6 pig. Shoulda just picked the cougar.

that v6 pig has a brilliant v6 although i would rather pick the s14 or fiat… but oh well

If there was another alfa with that v6 id go for that instead but it wasnt there so no go for that alfa

i vote… TUB OF LARD!!!

older top gear

look closely at the beginning theres 2 s13 silvias and wat looks a a 4door r33…

not entirely true, he loves hot hatches as well as econoboxes. for the most part he reviews cars according to what class theyre in and rarely will he compare it to anything thats of a higher class.

If Jeremey Clarkson say’s it’s ‘rubish’, it’s rubish. The guy has driven more cars than you guys can dream of.

Than again, he allways seems to be negative and only looking for the performance aspect of the vehicle.

J/K, 240’s rock my world :smiley:

sooooooooooo not true

he did not say its that bad, he said its fun to drive and thats coming from a guy who drives super cars for a living. plus the part about feeling pride for your car, well thats just personal opinion…