KW V2 are in Konis are out(pics)

Yesterday I took out the Konis and put in the KW V2’s and I have to say what a diffrence in the ride… Just thought I would post up a few pics…[;)] Think I might drop it down a little more. What do you guys think?

what are your intentions? Track, autocross?

looks awesome, I’d love a set of V2s.

very clean car man.

His intentions are to drive it and enjoy it.

did I ask you bitch? :stuck_out_tongue:

ooooh nice shot at the knox, A++

Buy mine then

Looks awesome man.

We’ll talk, catch me at home later.

No he’s talking for me bitch… :rofl:

:tup: very hot! were you at tops on NFB on Tuesday night at 10-11 ish pm?

Nope not me… I her there is another one around and people keep thinking it’s me… It might me a S4 with a Rieger front you saw…

its cool i guess lol…ida got an M3 or M5 myself myself

And those choices would be great for all the driving I do in the winter… :roll2:

And what does that have ANYTHING to do with suspension?

And what kinda car do you drive again?

quattro > *

Yea, and it would have cost $20-40k more for a M3 or M5.

I’d drive a Ferrari, but I’m not seeing how that is relevant at all.

KW V2’s are a full coilover setup right? Did you have a koni suspension kit or just shocks?

yea, there is another one around similar to yours. i always come flying up to wave and the dude gives me a wierd look. i don’t think it’s an S4 though, i’m pretty sure it’s an A4.

back on topic…the car looks good. the stance is great. good choice man.

Looks hott.

nice ride. you drive it in the winter?