L47/Aurora 4.0L powered Fiero.


any more info on this color/wrap?


I wish. All I could find was this page, which looks to belong to a vinyl distributor based in India. So, nothing useful.

But I love that color. And I definitely wouldn’t mind a wrap. The front and rear bumpers on this car are made of Urethane and such are extremely flexible. Even with flexing agents, there are problems painting those parts. I’ll have to look through a 3M catalog and get an idea of what’s available, I guess.


I saw a nice “11” on Schreiner Rd, was that you?

I’m not a fan of gold but it works on your car. Leave it alone.




Hah. Saw that. Mine isn’t quite as cool, but a very similar concept.

That your first Fiero, Matt? Hah. They all try to murder you at some point when driven hard.

In other news; the starter motor just quit on me. I’ve been having trouble getting it started when it’s hot lately and I ignored it. My fault. Now it’s stuck in a parking lot and I’m stuck waiting for my girl to leave her cotton field for the day so I can borrow her wheels to get up to PepBoys NFB. I just ordered a reman for like $75 after core. Quite literally the only thing I need to swap it out is a 10mm socket. It’s ten 10mm bolts to take off the intake and then two more holding the starter motor in. That’s it. Frankly, seems easier than doing a starter in something SBC powered.


Why not take advantage of the best feature of a standard tranny car and bump start it to get it going and not wait?


No decent pop starting hills and I do not trust another vehicle to bumper push it. It’s cool, I got it back to the apartment and have tools. Just about to tear into it.


Fairly straightforward. Didn’t even take 30 minutes. New starter works perfectly and sounds way different [functional].


…and new starter in.


Turned the key and she fired right up. Knew it.




Definitely glad I’ve got AAA after this one. Started knocking and sputtering like crazy and it actually shut off on me once. I had to pop it to get it going again. Didn’t make it more than 100 ft. Won’t fire.


It looks so peaceful setting alongside the green grass and hedges.


I’m around the corner from your dads and my offer of a can of gas and some strike anywhere matches still stands


fuck cars


The official motto of the Fiero… “It was fun while it lasted”


Brand new starter is acting like the battery is low, but it’s really resting at 12.5V or so. I would think the battery should be dead flat if the alternator is fucked, right? Who tests alternators out of the car?

Ridiculous fun while it lasted. Permagrin every minute I drove it.


Hope you don’t have to pull out the cam to get to the alternator.


Pretty sure Autozone and Advance both test out of the car but I’d call first to be sure.

Before you do that why not jump start it and test right at the battery to see if you’re getting 13-14 volts? If you are no sense pulling the alternator.


Shouldn’t have to do anything crazy. Jack up the passenger side, pull the rear wheel and it’s right there on the front of the motor. I’m fairly confident I can get it out with everything still assembled.

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I put the battery on a trickle charger/conditioner this morning before I headed to work. I’ll check it later tonight. Last time I checked, the meter was seeing 13.6-13.8V at the battery while running. But that was a while ago. Haven’t check in some time. The fact that the battery doesn’t measure completely dead along with the audio and window motors continuing to run fine concerns me. There are a few other possibilities. Could be a bad main circuit breaker at the battery or a loose connection somewhere between the battery and alternator. The alternator is brand new, for what it’s worth. Still no guarantee that’s it’s any good, but still. The fact that the starter motor started to get sluggish pretty quickly sort of points to a shit battery to me, now that I think about it.


When an alternator fails and the running car drains the battery to the point the car dies a good battery will recover pretty quickly once the electrical drain is removed, at least enough to show 12.5 volts under no load. I’d definitely test it at the battery with it running if you can get it to start before pulling the alternator, and test it at the alternator with it running if you can reach the leads somehow. I’m guessing it’s pretty easy on a swapped car for a wire not to be secured perfectly and have it get shorted or broken while you’re romping on it.


Uhh. I fixed it. I’m an idiot.


I believe i saw the car sunday near mckinley mall, sounded good mb i think you turned from milestrip to mckinley.