lamborghini urus


imo every suv to come out of europe if ugly. besides the range rover.
I’d rock a new tahoe over this metrosexual looking thing anyday.


Lol, yeah right. This thing has an much potential for off-roading as my Dodge Neon.


Would not drive.


I love it. It’s like an RR Evoke but not a girls car :tup:


Nothing about this is enjoyable.


That’s what I imagined from the side. Very Evoke-ish.


“Hey I wanna drive a Lambo but please make it slower and give it four doors”


that is terrible


or… hey i want to drive a lambo when i’m not driving a lambo so can you make a lambo that isn’t a lambo but also reminds people that i can afford a lambo?


4 doors for more whores. . . . nuff said :stuck_out_tongue:


Cash cow for Lamborghini. Next thing you know, Ferrari will start building hybrids. :wink: :wink:

I don’t hate it, but even if I had the means, I wouldn’t own it. It’s just not crazy enough to be a Lambo.



prepare for a 5-10% uglification process… such as adding door handles…



haha well played ^

rebadged toyota lol
but i guess these cars help them with sales, so they can build cooler cars.
same thing enzo ferrari used to do back in the day, sell ferraris to fund his racecars.


I would definitely drive a lambo suv

not sure why all the cancer patients were necessary though…



Going through this thread made me realize NYSpeed went through a period in 2012 where we had a lot of shitty members.


Is Maxwell gone?!

This thing still sucks


nah, still here. When we merged with shift518 something got all fucked up and i lost all my old crap.