lamborghini urus


Word! I was concerned LoL

This thing is so ugly, on that note has anyone seen the new Lamborghini commercials? SO BAD.



A) Still so bad

B) Yeah man, it was a huge bummer. Lost tons of post count and all my old threads, PM’s etc. Lots of good old shit just vanished. :frowning:


Going through this thread made me appreciate how much cooler i was back in 2012. very happy with my commentary here.


So is this officially coming out? I’d love to see one rolling around Buffalo if someone were to purchase it. Nice developments popping up in Clarence with Million dollar homes, I could definitely see this being a dick swinger for one of the rich guys. Someone needs it to compete against the Porsche and BMW.


Supposedly it’s back on the table, but you know how these things can change.



It’s pretty cool. I’m not sure even if I won the lottery I’d ever buy one but if it helps keep Lamborghini profitable and cranking out crazy supercars I’m all for it. That power stow tow hitch is cool but too bad it’s a Euro only option.


I wonder what the tongue weight is. I wouldn’t think it would be very high with that contraption. I’ve searched and can’t find it.


The Y designs in the speaker grills remind me of dick and balls for some reason lol