lamborghini urus


I actually really like this. What do you guys think?




I wouldn’t want one, but I understand why Lamborghini is doing it.

Cayenne Helps Porsche Increase Profits by 59%

If it takes Lamborghini making an SUV so they can be profitable enough to continue making rolling wet dreams like the Aventador, I’m all for it.


i was just going to post this…

it’s fuking gorgeous. i’d buy one if i could afford it.


I agree this is badass. I would get one.


i agree with neon. He put it best.


I dunno guys Porsche made good with there suv so why not Lambo. Alot of people are moving from sports cars to higher end SUV’s so I think Lambos right on the money with bringing one in to compete with other companies. If i could afford one I would buy for sure. Id like to see one of these in Black with dark tan interior.


after driving an X5 ///M I can easily say that I think this is an AWESOME idea


I’d rock one.


I only hate the rear wheel arch… and probably the price tag.



Acrobats were more interesting. Lamborghini starts building SUV’s. Next thing you know, Chevy starts building sports cars. Jack would like this.


Just posting some more pics of this awesome car of awesomeness that will no doubt be a fantastic hit because it’s so awesome


well with 600hp it will definitely be awesomeness as it blows out “blue stuff from the exhaust” as Jeremy Clarkson would say :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn bing your making me want one even more… That thing just screams Lamborghini I love it.


Came here for this


i’ve decided i would be willing to strangle an acquaintance to death in cold blood to own this car for 12 minutes.


Neither for, nor against it, but as stated, I do understand why. Wonder if it’s on the Q7 platform.


i think that thing looks so tacky…but then again i think that of everything Lamborghini…it just makes u look like a douche overcompensating


That thing is retarded looking. Lambo…you’re trying too hard.