Land Rover Rack and Pinion Rebuild


So before I attempt this myself, has anyone here ripped one of these apart? From what I can tell it seems simple enough. The issue I’m having is with Rack preload, I have a little bit of extra play that started when my lower steering shaft seized up.(thats been replaced) The only thing I can find online is that some corvettes from the 2000s had a similar issue and the cure was to crank down the preload nut and then back off like 50°.


Sorry man, I’m no help here. But is a good resource… when people actually post. Most forums are dead now-a-days.


Thanks, i checked them out with no luck.
The piece I might need is circled below, however this kit cost $370. At that point I should just spend $700 on the rack.


Call and tell them what you need. They might be able to get you specifically that part.

Also try the local guys:


Thanks, no luck from either. Modding and maintaining these things is like owning a unicorn.
Once I pull the rack apart and I’ll post what i find.


Well if anyone interested it wasn’t the rack, the spider on the lower steering column has 4 shear rivets coupling the universal to the shaft, all of them were loose allowing slop in the wheel. I just replaced this a year ago because the original was seized. Fixed it and only used two arms of the spider, effectively stiffening the steering some. Now i just need an alignment…


I want pics!!! if it’s not too late



Unfortunately I didn’t take pics of mine but the two red arrows are the rivets that were loose and the blue is the rubber spider. I drilled out the rivets and rotated the universal and reassembled using the spider as a bushing. A poly version of this spider would probably be a nice upgrade on these trucks, the rubber on this spider is very soft.