Lawn questions - overseeding, spring fertilization, etc..


Does anyone know their stuff when it comes to lawn care? I currently have just under an acre, and it’s not the best lawn. There is a lot of moss, and uneven grass coverage. I am not sure what it will look like in the Spring, but currently it looks like it needs some work.

What is a good regimen for a lawn? It gets confusing fast, for example: if you overseed, you can’t use any crabgrass fertilizer, because the grass seed will just be killed. Do I have to aerate, or should I just do the overseeding and some fertilizer. Some people say just adding lime to get the Ph up is better than doing fertilizer, but I think some fertilizer has lime in it.


I don’t mind doing it myself, but if it’s cheaper/easier to go with a lawn service, I would consider that as well.


You’d probably get the best value by starting with a lawn service and switching over to DIY with the basics once they make it all nice.


aerate and overseed with the correct amount of seed. water it every day. you can use a broad spectrum weed killer periodically once it’s established.


How can I water an acre every day though? That’s not feasible.


watering an acre is very feasible…multiple sprinklers and lengths of hose. You dont need to soak it. Always best to water at night any way.


Lay down some Lyme first, especially where there is moss. The moss is going to disturb the pH levels of the soil. From there it’s pretty easy…aerate, fertilize, fill in spots with good soil, water, rinse, repeat. It’s pretty hard to screw up grass once you get the soil prepped.

Personally? I spent thousands last year on dirt, seed, lyme, removing a tree, seeders, etc.

Spend the money and have someone hydro-seed your lawn and be done.


grass seed cannot grow without water



I could be going out on a limb here, but doesn’t it rain like mad in western NY in the spring?


Not last year. I was running my shit 24/7 for a few weeks.

#11 lol




For a couple weeks it was going great. Then I let it slip and it came in patchy.

Just stay adament about it, you’ll be good. You’ll get a couple $150 water bills, but your lawn will look sexual.


My yard was a shit mess of moss, crabgrass, clover and so many dandelions that when they were in bloom it was a solid carpet of yellow. I hired Funk and within 2 months had one of the best looking yards on the street. I was debating canceling the contract and trying to DIY it this year since I’d be starting out with less of a mess but the cost for my average Williamsville yard ($45/visit) just wasn’t worth my time to deal with it.


Scott’s and be done, you will pay more and worry less.


I did not read the thread. My yard sucked. I removed it with a sod cutter, sprayed grass killer 3 times over two weeks, installed a sprinkler system, rilled out new sod and have a nice new lawn that is perfect. I also have a local company treat it with organic fertilizer weekly.


Both my dogs shit and piss on my lawn and it ruins the grass by early spring and late summer. Yes I pick the dog shit up but every year i go through the same reseed and water routine but I never really get a good looking lawn; shits patchy as fuck. Ideas? Its not my house so I really don’t want to put forth a lot of time/money and I dont need it to win any contests, just some advice from you dog owners.


It is the urine that kills the grass. There is some supplement that you can give the dog to reduce burning of your yard.


The urine CAN kill the grass. I have the same problem, but I suspect that my problem is not solely the urine. I think I have grubs and other insects in my lawn that also do a number on it (evidenced by the growing number of mole hills). My suspicion is that if I can kill the insects, the urine won’t have as much of an effect.


Yea I figured as much about the urine. I too have grubs and lots of crab grass. My females piss ruins the grass but not my males.