Lawn questions - overseeding, spring fertilization, etc..


Funk was hitting my yard with the spring mixture when I left from my lunch break today. :tup:


it’s the nitrogen in the urine that does it because of their diet and how the process… what you feed your dog can have an impact.


They make grass seed/patch and fertilizers to fix that specific issue.

Tried a few last year and they all worked well with similar results.


I just realized we don’t really have yellow spots in our yard from the dogs. Raw diet benefit #2473!


I’ve seen them but wasnt sure if they worked. I’ll try that…


I had tru green until last week. They were spraying lime something in my frozen yard while it was snowing. I tossed them out and cancled immediat. Has funk been pretty good? Do you know if they offer an organic solution?


Funk has been great. No idea on organic, I figure it’s their job to pick what’s going to work best. We went with them because we walk around our neighborhood a lot and the lawns with the Funk signs were always the greenest without a hint of weeds anywhere.

My mom used them last year at her house and her lawn was perfect. My uncle talked her into doing it herself this year (he’s pretty high up at Nutrite so he knows a lot about this stuff) so it’s going to turn into a bit of a contest between the two of them and my house this summer over who has the better lawn. My uncle doesn’t like being wrong so hopefully he doesn’t start providing her secret stuff from Nutrite’s R&D department.


So do you guys still recommend hiring a service over DYI?

My lawn is so small it could fit under a Hummer H1 and it hasn’t been bad a all until the end of last summer. Basically clover is taking over.

I’m thinking of just getting a bag of this and giving it a shot:


If it’s that small, just rake everything out of it, put some seed down and water it with a hose for 5 minutes a day until it starts growing well.


I went through last year and ripped a lot of it out but that didn’t seem to help. I probably didn’t get the roots. For $25 the Scotts stuff seems to be worth it.

Also I don’t have a hose or outside faucet… or inside faucet that could fit a hose, lol. Small yard problems.


I have a huge yard. I am currently researching my options for stripping, milling, leveling, and reseeding. I think I want to start in my backyard so if I fail, my neighbors don’t have to deal with a giant dirt field at the corner of the street.

Edit: Josh, I looked at the cost difference for DIY in my older small yard house and also my large yard house. It was worth it to hire in both cases.


Solution: Do Nothing. Seriously, if it’s green, it’s green.


True, but it’s choking out the grass.


Figured I’d update this since the thread got bumped. Only took a couple months for mom’s yard to get overrun by dandelions using my uncle’s, “Just use fertilizer and your healthy grass will choke out the weeds” method. She wen back to Funk and they had to back to lush green grass in less than a month.


I have been wondering who was the best to hire. Family doesn’t have any issues so we went with Turf Tenders for this year on a whim. We moved in the fall and the new lawn had so much clover and crab that there wasn’t much to mow. Hopefully we have some decent results but if not it sounds like we will be using Funk next year.


This thread reminded me of @neonglh 's awesome evo project. Oh how this place has changed over the years.

That is all. Carry on.


I use all Scott’s products. I will do crab grass control as soon as the weather breaks. Weed and feed in the spring. And random feedings through the summer (Scott’s lawn food or Max green lawn food). If you want that deep green color, you need to use a fertilizer with iron in it (like max green). But make sure you sweep and use a leaf blower after on your sidewalk and driveway. As soon as it gets wet it will leave rust stains on your driveway.

I’ve also leaned the hard way that just ripping out bad patches of lawn, or even digging them out doesn’t work. You’re better off getting a weed and grass killer. Spraying it on the bad spots. Let it turn brown for a week or two, then re-seed. [/Oldmanstuff]





I too have learned a lot in the past 5 years. I have been doing a lot that I picked up from The Lawn Care Nut on YouTube, and it’s really helped. All DIY, my lawn looks like this now (last year, not right now…)

I had a JD tractor for a while, but I picked up this sweet Toro last year, and I won’t look back. Commercial grade, it’s more powerful than the tractor was, and I get some exercise and better stripes. I recommend this mower to anyone!


^^^ That looks great man. My lawn is so damn small I’m hoping it’ll take no time at all to look half that good.

Fuck we’re getting old.