Lawn questions - overseeding, spring fertilization, etc..


Dude, old AF!


A friend of mine picked up that same Timemaster and loves it. Toro makes good decks that mulch really well.


We decided to go with Funk starting this year, I usually did DIY but honestly the cost is dumb to not do it.


I use a local guy for fertilizer and weed control. Pretty sure I couldnt do it for what he’s charging me. Though it looks like he finally raised prices this year after at least 4 years without one.

The big mower was probably the best thing I ever bought for the house.



I got excited when I saw this thread. Just picked up my mulch and preen at home depot, both on sale till tomorrow. Need to get some seed to do a top seed and some weed and feed. Weed and feed 3-4 times a year does a lawn wonders. I over did it a little last year not letting off the spreader in the turns and burnt a few spots. It really pissed me off. Giggity giggity.


I did a bit of light reading and most places seem to say it’s too early right now to do anything lawn related? Most sites say wait until a set numbers of spring cuts.


If anyone wants to go with Funk they do have referral. $25 off for me, $25 off for you. PM me if you’re interested.

As for starting this early, not sure if it’s really needed or if they’re just padding their number of treatments but most of the commercial units are starting their first applications now. I saw the Funk trunk in my neighborhood today and I’m guessing I’ll come home to the little warning flags in my yard. It makes sense to me that as the lawns are coming out of winter hibernation you’d want some nutrients there.


What do they base pricing on? Square footage?


Yeah, I think so. I’m guessing they have some kind of minimum to make it worth coming out though. My average sized Amherst lawn is $50 a visit and I have them spray both the front and back yards.


I’m a few years out from needing to tend to the lawn. I’ll be putting in yard drainage this summer and building a new shed/garage next summer.

Right now we’re in the process of doing interior draintile and pouring a new basement floor.

My grass looks like shit and it’s bumpy as hell. I can’t wait to tend to it.

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My price jumped to 200/ visit this year. I usually only see him 3x a year so its not SO bad for the size of our yard.


Which means my lawn is like 1/3rd at most of your lawn. Maybe with the $25 referral it’ll be free, lol.


@JayS you’ll be getting your $25 discount :tup:

I’m signing with Funk today. Looks like their minimum is about $150 for the season, but I get $25 off from that as well. They estimated based on property size and included the rear of the house. Since IDGAF about the back yard, I asked if they could go lower but they can’t, lol.

Looking into spreaders, chemicals, etc. for DIY and accounting for my time to do it (and do it RIGHT) over a whole season I think it’s worth the money. I’ll update the this thread with results.

Fucking grass br0. Serious Adulting.


:tup: Hope it works out for you. They hit my house for the first spray of the year today. Haven’t done the back yard cleanup yet so they sprayed a bunch of dog shit. Lol


Had Funk come out and spray a few weeks ago. Seems to have worked GREAT so far. There is a section of my back lawn that I didn’t have them do and the difference in just grass color is very noticeable.


Only down side to using a service is you have to mow every 3 days in the spring when that fertilizer kicks in. My lawn is so thick I had to run over it twice with the mulcher Saturday just to get a nice even cut with no clumps, even with my freshly sharpened blade.


I typically mow once a week and in the spring sometimes more frequently, depending on rain. I haven’t needed to mow as frequently as 3 days… at least not yet.


Im cutting about 4" every 4-5 days right now. Go spring


1 year ago my neighbor across the street from me recommended I have the same guy spray my lawn as he does to get rid of the dandelions, he said $100 and he’ll do it weekly for the season. definitely looks nicer without dandelions.

Overall my back yard looks shitty, I have a bunch of bad patches, and owning two dogs definitely kills the lawn a bit here and there, but I’m seeding and watering a few spots.

I used the scotts EZ seed stuff, and its working in a few areas. I’m an idiot and probably wasted a ton of grass seed last year because I didn’t realize to remove the dead grass and break up the soil so the grass can grow roots into the dirt.