LCA Bolts

Anyone know of a hardware store that sells pretty much the same type of bolt that goes in the shock fork and bolts to the LCA’s? Im trying to finally put my suspension on tomorrow and the bolts that the shocks sit on are pretty much screwed. Im guessing im going to half to cut them so im going to need new bolts. Im going to attempt to call the honda dealership in the AM hoping they have these in stock, but if not im going to have to try to find somewhere else. I would just drop the shock and LCA all in 1 peice and trash them all together like i did my last car, being that i have new LCA’s as well as the shocks, but im dealing with ABS lines this time around, and in order to free the ABS line, i have to remove the old shock from the old LCA.

Your local hardware store is not going to carry the proper grade 8/10 hardware for that application. If the Honda dealer does not have them (any EK/EG/DC will work) I have spares laying around.