learn me Jeep XJ Cherokee


bought some goodies this week…

trans service kit with shift solenoids and filter


rear wheel bearings

and the one im most excited about :smiley:


oh and some misc camping stuff too


hopefully everything gets here by the weekend so i can knock it all out in 1 day…


Awesome pickup. Crazy how something as small as that roof rack changes the attitude of the truck. I really need something like that for mine.


something happened with your html :frowning:


Fixed the pics :tup:

And def need a shovel. When it comes time to poop in the wilderness it’s a good thing to have



EDIT: and environmentally conscious baby wipes!


is that a mini spool locker thing?


Lunchbox locker


so kinda bummed cause the locker didnt come in yesterday…once again USPS only delivering false expectations on time

we made due with what we had so i helped the gf as i walked her through how to change the transmission filter and shift solenoids.

got the trans pan off easier than expected
(was reading about how the 2 piece dip stick tube can be a pain to get off)

walking her through what we would be doing

old solenoids

new solenoids on

random RTV pic

the job was really simple and took maybe an hour from start to finish.
truck certainly shifts much smoother and now we know it will be set for quite some time.


todays project was changing out the old u joints for some new spicer ones

old ones out

new ones in

buttoning everything back up

pretty quick job. walked the gf through the whole thing and done in about an hour.


hope you guys are ready for a huge photo dump from this past weekend

thursday before we left for Death Valley we did some service work to the jeep…and of course i made sure the GF got her hands dirty

-rear wheel bearings/seals
-spartan locker
-pick up coil/cam position sensor
-distributor cap and rotor

anyway now on to the fun stuff

we left long beach thursday nite and rolled into Ballarat.
this time we went with another couple and their brand new GC

waking up friday morning in Ballarat

planning the route for the day

from what i read i believe this was one of the two power wagons the manson family used to get back to Barker Ranch

heading down to Goler Wash

Goler Wash pics (locker certainly came in handy in a few parts)



stopped at what looked to be an old mining camp


finally made it to the ranch

where they found a certain someone hiding under a bathroom sink

found the other power wagon…

and the junkyard!

stopped to plink off a few rounds with the winchester

entering DVNP

Dantes View at sunset

Badwater Basin

notice the sea level sign…


Ubehebe Crater

and after hiking up from the bottom we needed a bit of a break

heading to the racetrack we of course had to get a pic at teakettle junction

looking out from the grandstand at the racetrack

set up camp that nite a few miles south at a backcountry dry camp

morning view

made it back to the racetrack for sunrise

a few drone shots on the long “road” back to pavement





If I had a lifestyle clothing company, you guys would have a sponsorship :tup:

BTW I’m Fixing your image links… (can’t wait to be off vB)

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Any interesting vehicles running on the track?

Also what drone were you guys using?


well done :tup:


looks fun, being that far away from everything would make me nervous in such an older jeep ha ha


thanks for fixing the links Josh <3

we really love camping with the jeep. so much more luxurious than motorcycle camping lol


ha well as long as there was no issue on the 3.5 hr drive there then the 40 miles off road shouldnt scare you


Related. OMG:


This thread makes me want another XJ. I sold my last one about 6 mos ago