Left Buffalo As Well

never really made a general post out of it… but i as well lefgt the buffalo area for a job offer… who woulda thought tho… i am the new District Loss Prevention Manager for the Northern Chicaco area for Abercrombie And Fitch… im not used to the pay schedule thing yet its the 1st and 15th of the month kinda weird but i gotta adjust im catching up on the bills or at least trrying to… its kinda hard moving to a new place and a new job…

so how are things in buffalo? i hear the sales tax has risen well if you guys wanna know about the chi-town life lemme know or if you wanna come visit… we have several racing tracks in the area but sad to say no meets as good as mighty… lol

You just don’t know where the meets are… :wink:

:tup: to ya making your life better. Have you met any of the scandalous racing or south side stick up guys yet? I’ve heard they are all over chi-town. :gotme:
Yea like walter said… They is some big time racing there.

well there are alot of STi’s and NSX’s here that race all the time… and yeah i always see the STi’s beating them … so meh… F bods are not to popular around here… its more the STi NSX EVO and Porche… seen a Ferrari too but yeah…
those seem to be the racing syndactes so far


illinois has a huge racing scene for all types

just gotta look harder :gotme:

i see them all the time… i just dunno where they hang out… theres no ILLSPEED.com or Chi-Life.org or anything like you guys got… least im not sure yet…

you just gotta know the right people, or be a decent person

…on that note, how did you find out about this site?!