Let's see a laser cut this...

I haven’t posted an introduction thread yet and I thought this little cut would be a nice introduction. :slight_smile: Others have been nice enough to give my company good reviews and I appreciate that.

So this little piece is 6" thick steel. It is just one reason I purchased a water jet rather than a laser. (I have also cut 7" thick aluminum) Like my website says, I can cut any material, any shape, any size, in any quantity.

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That slot took 2 hours to cut and had less than .020" taper from top to bottom.

ha, that’s awesome.

were you making something or just had a couple hours to kill?

so sloppy… :wink:

It will be a large rod Clevis. There will be a cross hole for a pin and the end will have a threaded hole to screw it on to a hydraulic cylinder’s piston rod.

How are you moving that sucker around?

I’d love to see how you thread that bad larry

^^it only weighs about 80lbs believe it or not.

^Coolant thru carbide drill and thread mill. It should take a couple minutes. :smiley:

do you “get rid” of bad employees with that?


Here’s an 8" tap…

^^Doesn’t jam like a chipper.

If you are cut by one you have to tell the emergency room that garnet(stone) may have been injected into your blood stream at 4 times the speed of sound. As if losing body parts is not enough. Lol

8" tap? This ain’t the Flintstones, we mill threads that big. Lol
That tap would take some serious torque.

big guns and a tap wrench. man up :wink:

Need to youtube some tool paths, I personally LOVE crash footage.

Impressive but my wife’s voice can cut through Titanium and is far more dangerous.

Theres an app for that

Some urethane bumpers. Notice the A and B axis functioning on the dynamic cutting head. :slight_smile:

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Here is some serious weight, 208lbs per foot I beam cut into 2 T beams.

Should be embedded but…?

I fixed your embed. (Can’t use mobile URL.)

I should post the Dinosaur pics here!

“Sharks with freakin waterjets attached to their heads” sounds much less cool though.

Thanks Josh.

Here is a 2" thick stainless steel ring…

Here’s more of what can be done with this machine. Who doesn’t want a dinosaur?