Let's see a laser cut this...


Awesome, thanks for posting those!

450lb T Rex. :slight_smile: It can be yours for just $5000.


More neat stuff. A solid copper golf trophy with Stainless flag and a plastic DTM license plate.



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What you don’t like my Pulitzer nominated post? :wink:

Here is a set of pie jaws we cut from 7" 6061 aluminum…


How much for the small dino?


I want you to teach me how to do this stuff. Then I’ll teach you how to use Outlook. Deal?
:wink: That’s one badass machine cutting through those materials.


Avoid lugging one piece, heavy, cumbersome, ugly, redneck fire pits that everyone knows you bought from Home Cheapo or Blowes and buy something with some class… I present to you the fully portable Arts & Craft/Frank Lloyd Wright inspired fire pit. $200 while supplies last…

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The inside is approximately 34" square.


That’s really neat stuff!

How does it actually cut the thick metal? Do you go down a few thousandths the entire shape you are cutting, then start over and do it again another few thousandths, repeating until it’s done?


Nope. It cuts all the way through and moves along the cutline at the rate required to cut full thickness. It still is neat to watch even after watching hundreds of cuts.


That’s cool but I have no place for a fire pit at the moment :frowning:

… Same as I have no place for a giant dinosaur :frowning:


would you be able to cut something from a template/tracing?

now that i see this i would consider getting new uprights for my rear wing made that were a bit less tall (2-3" shorter)

would it be enough to work with if i were to make a template of the upright i currently have, provide some suggestions on where to knock off some height and measure the thickness of the aluminum?

ive attached pics for reference to what im talking about if i wasnt clear


It can be done that way, my only concern would be hole locations because it would only be as accurate as your pen or whatever. If the holes are big enough it would leave a little wiggle room for assembly/mounting. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible. You would get the Porschephile discount too. :slight_smile:


Frank Lloyd Wright my ass. You stole that design from my window job last year you cheese weasel.



well the top two that bolt the wing on are simple and allow some wiggle room but the bottom 3 that bolt the uprights to the decklid may be tough to get right i guess. plus they are countersunk so you dont see the hardware when the decklid is closed.

if i get around to it ill see how templates work out…




How many IPM are you cutting at? For something as thin as the fire pit or as thick as the 6"?




Walker… why not just send him the current uprights and have him work off of those? You can be without your sweet wing for a week or two :wink:


Looks like something he could do very easily, and send Mike the file.


I thought you were Frank Lloyd Wright. :slight_smile:


I don’t know, maybe 12"/minute. 6" AL maybe .5"/minute.