Let's see a laser cut this...


Yeah 2001 style. That white casing with black display / control faces is iconic :tup:


Goddamn. I was impressed watching it chamfer the edge of the bolt holes before tapping.

Then the fuckin’ part hand-off for the backside. WTF.

Let me know when you’re ready to build a motorcycle with that thing. We can go into business.


The music in that video gets me excited about it and I don’t even know what I’m looking at, lol.


Sounds good. :slight_smile: We just bought DELCAM too.

Das es gut!


All I see are $$ signs. lol


It is a little scary when you spend that much money but obviously I see a good ROI. (Let’s just hope the politicians don’t f**k up our economy.) As far as everything I can control, that half million should be coming back to me before too long. :slight_smile:


Yesterday was a big day in the history of Springville Mfg, this is the first part from our first fully automated machine. Instead of hand loading this part 5 times in 3 different machines, it is machined complete from bar form. There is an old saying, “you don’t get paid to move parts around the plant, you only get paid for making them.” Scheduling and transactions obviously get minimized as well. Prototyping should be easier to push through as well. Deburring will also be added to the program to eliminate that op as well.



A thing of beauty :tup:


New lathe with subspindle, live tooling and gantry loader.

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Who needs human hands when you have grippers? :slight_smile:

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Just stack up your saw cut slugs, go home and “presto chango” when you come back the next day you have finished parts. :slight_smile:


I’m still waiting for that moment where I need your services :tup:


Can you check on the machine remotely while it’s running lights out?


Yes, which will be very useful, the other lights out machine(DMG-MORI) sometimes stops because of an alarm minutes after we leave. It is pretty frustrating to come back in the morning to see it only made 4 parts instead of 100 parts. DMG-Mori offers a subscription type software for their machines. F that! I may just buy a wifi security camera so I can watch the machine on my cell phone.


Sent you an email a couple days ago for a quote on a stainless exhaust manifold flange. You see it by chance? :smiley:


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The new machine doing its thing :smiley:


Did that thing actually move those parts from one place to another…all on its own?!


Yep. It loads slugs and unloads finished parts… 24/7/365

It does not need Obamacare either. :smiley:


Come on. Wanna see better vids. Stop teasing.


It started running today, be patient. :smiley:


Also doesn’t need: smoke breaks, bathroom breaks, calls in sick because it drank too much the night before, will be late because it had court, can’t come in because it’s kid got sick. The list goes on.


It is almost like you have been to my company. :wink:

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1 hour of breaks per shift X 3 shifts X 30 days X $75 = $6750

Running through break alone will make the payments on the machine, never mind the other 500+ hours x $75. :smiley: