Local Industrial Paint and Machine Shops?

The company I work for is growing and we need to increase our network of local paint and machine shops. We are looking for shops in the Rochester area but are considering going as far as Buffalo or Syracuse.

If you work for one or do business with one please let me know.


Lakeside has always done good work for me. Lead time is tough, but seems that way everywhere. lakesideprecision.com
What kind of paint work?

liquid paint. Lots of masking. Is that what you were looking for?

yep…Hillcrest Coatings for that.
if its large equipment they’ll even come onsite.

Cool, thanks. Keep em coming, I have a fairly specific requirement that most shops can’t/don’t meet so the more the better.

ya hillcrest is used to that. we did a job that was going to russia that required some crazy specs for paint…

I called and they don’t have what I need.

Close friend of mines father owns May tool and dye in Tonawanda. Not sure what their capacity is tho.