Lol - article on the new GTO.

lol…I was just reading this on

"The other problem is that, particularly when equipped with a manual transmission, this car does not like to be driven slowly. Not even a little bit. The problem is a close-ratio six-speed transmission with a sloppy, widely moving shifter. It’s a lot easier to get to the next gear in time if the engine is revving like mad before you try to shift.

As long as you keep driving like a nut, though, it’s just fine."

lol, they got that so right…

Full article:

lol, sounds like an excuse to race :slight_smile:

That must be the reason almost every GTO driver, drives like an as$hole. Just yesterday I got 2 flyby’s from people in GTO’s on NFB, then zipping in n out of traffic. I have had to0 many tixxx on that street to go chasing them. I would love to see how the crash test are on that car.

now u know how us domestic drivers feel when we get the ricer’s driving like assholes.

hehe…join the club. I guarantee there are far more civics doing fly byes than GTO’s.

I get more fly bys in cavaliers than anything.

^^^im with him


That’s 'cause it’s easier to do in a Civic than a GTO :stuck_out_tongue:


That article is dead on. You really do have to drive the GTO like a nut. I wouldn’t have a licence if I owned one.

Sounds like it needs a B&M short Throw :snky:

damn why doesn’t anyway fly by me? I feel left out.

hehe…It has had one for 4 weeks…

lol u know what else is funny about that articel…

That’s steep for a car aimed at the young – or as a midlife-crisis rescue car.