looking for a tattoo.....

i like this, what do you guys think, but without the shadow behind it…


before i have one designed, i wanted to see what ppl think about this one


ahhhhhhh!!! lol

hahah…you’ll find something…i’m in the process of figuring out what i want for the 3rd…cause all i know is that it’s gonna be big and be on my back…prob. from one shoulderblade to the other…

Maybe it will read POST WHORE!!!

why do you want a scorpion?

cause i think its awesome that theyre so small, but so dangerous.

ok u can admit it u just wanted to post the pic of the bewbies haha

Those are definitely nice bewbies, the tattoo is ok though.

my next tattoo is totally gonna be a zombie.

i was avoiding saying it in the other forum but the concept of a scorpion tattoo makes me cringe with cheesiness

but for me it has a little more personal meaning than just ‘‘hey wow, scorpions are cool’’

I dunno… meh

and your future girlfriends and wife will just LOVE it.

“oh steve… that scorpion is so… small.
yet, so… dangerous…take me now.”

:c P

tattoos, especially scary ones are just not a good idea. :tdown:


haha LOL

…meh…not really into it, but to each their own…if you have a good/personal reason, then go for it, its your body

Eh… no offense, but I think a tattoo of a scorpion is pretty damn cheesy. Can you imagine yourself in 25 or 30 years thinking “This scorpion is so wicked awesome.” Or explaining to your kids or neighbors, when you’re middle aged, fat and happy, and your tattoo is stretched out and faded, why you have a tattoo of a scorpion? “Cause they’re awesome. They’re small, and dangerous!”

ok, apparently youre a huge fuckhead who cant read the posts before yours, because you didnt see this…

but for me it has a little more personal meaning than just ‘‘hey wow, scorpions are cool’’

but anyways, i suppose this could be locked and/or deleted if it isnt too much trouble.

I think I might get a tattoo of the keebler elf next weekend… (my last name’s keebler so it actually makes sense)
It’s either that or KEEBLER down one leg and COOKIES down the other… anyone that really knows me, knows why I would get it.
I dunno steve get it if you like it, thats all thats going to matter

Yup, i’m a “huge fuckhead” cause you asked for opinions and I gave mine. And does the meaning of the term “no offense” escape you entirely?

I read all your posts, and personal significance or not, I still think it’s cheesy, and that in the far flung future, trying to explain that to your kids or neighbors when they ask is gonna make it seem like it wasn’t such a good idea at the time.

As far as the art itself goes, I think the shadow is cool, but I generally dislike colored tattoos. Pluse, I don’t think there is a species of scorpion whose natural coloring is blood red. But hell, it’s your body, do what you want. But, if you don’t wanna hear what people think, don’t fucking ask. :shrug: