looking for a wiring specailist for a ka s14

hey everyone just in the look for a mechanic that really knows there way around an s14. Basically i did a 5 speed swap in a 95 s14 and now half my inside fuse box is out nuthing really works. I really dont know wat im doing now so maybe if someone/pro/actaul mechanic can come out and check it out i will pay u.

thanks mike

ps. im not some total moron i no how to use a multi meter and a check light this stuff is seriously a spheggetti factory so yeye help me plz i will pay u

how far along are you into the swap and why are you messing with the fuse box on the swap? anyways let me know what needs to be done. .email me i dont reply to son often Joell-p@hotmail.com

fucking newbies making posts and never replying. ppl like this that piss SON OFF… jk mike… find this kid some help (and he wasnt messing with the fuse box the thing is just fucked)