Looking for some guys to build trucks

Hey Everyone,
I haven’t posted in quite some time as I no longer have my s14 (still got a 72’ datsun project) but Im posting in hopes of finding some employees.
Some of you may know I build Fire trucks at Dependable Emergency Vehicles in Brampton. I’ve been there for over 7 years now. I now run the electrical department; small story short Im looking for guys who are electrically inclined and understand relay logic. I’m looking for more than 1 guy.

Majority of our electrical systems are multiplex and can get extremely complicated, that being said electrical experience is a huge asset.
I looking for an 12v Technician. The title is very deceiving as it can get complicated varying on the device you install. It can range from electric over pneumatic, electric over hydraulic, hydraulic generators, ptos, control module, basic lighting, throttle control module, ecm/tcm programming and the list goes on. Experience is necessary in at least one listed field.

I’m also looking for someone who can outfit lighting onto cab and chassis as well:
Accessory Installer
Usually running wires, basic harness building, mount lighting, strip cab interiors. Pretty much cleaner general laborer
Experience is an asset but not required; Must have your own tools.
Email me your info:
Text me if you need more info or you think this is perfect for you. 416-319-2498.