LS1 Build
Tin Foil in all its glory
Precision gap
Tool used to file the rings because the actual ring filer was taking too long
Expensive tool used to assemble the pistons and rods, I will consider selling it for $19.99

can you fit a 2 liter bottle in those cylinders??? Looks good man.

Nah this isn’t no BBC or DRCE engine, however I do plan on using JB weld on this one because I dropped it, just like I did with your engine

BTW how is the ole 4G63 running these days?

Man that JB weld holds up damn good…

12.5 @ 110… in 80 degrees and a lot of humidity and only 21psi. Should be faster next time around.

Not bad for your autox turbo choice. Your car would be a rocketship with a larger turbo

Yes it would. :tup:

LOL jay i hope you are kidding with that die grinder :lol:

:hitit: lots of stuff in those bores, clean them out :stuck_out_tongue:


whos car is it goin in? the black juan?

good luck with it.

any details on the build up?? good job on the rings.

you’ll just have to wait till its in my car and find out the hard way

looks slow :stuck_out_tongue:

so will it ever run, or just look pretty :eek:


I only see 4 cylinders…


Nice work, J…

hey, how come when i put my rings in my block they didnt look like that.
(i am upset about how loose in the hole my pistons are, can you tell?)
i would appear your machinist figured out how to bore cylinders recently.

LOL LOL LOLLJOSAihdifughbiusadgfi;auhfiuahdgf;iuhgai;ouhir;ouhgiu;oiuhuhafdh;

I don’t think the owner would appreciate me spilling the beans, so sorry


Did you have a little machine work accident??