LSX Intakes

I know Studderin has a write up on all the LSx intakes but I’m looking for more!

Cathedral Port Options:

LS1 = worse flow
LS6 = great bang for buck
BBK = 5hp over LS6
Fast = fastest? lol

Victor Jr
Super Victor
Edelbrock Performer RPM
Pro-Flo XT

I think Holley has a couple too.

I’m looking to bolt something up to the 408 in my trans am. I don’t really want to spend the money on a fast, I’d rather try something like a vic jr, a long elbow, 90mm tb and direct port n20.

I also don’t want to cut my firewall too much.

What should I try? I feel like my intake is really holding the car back lol.

Cam is 243/247 112+3 / .367 LSL Lobes

Either cheap out with an LS6 or go with a FAST. Used ones can be had for a decent price and you won’t do much better from the last time I checked.

I just hate spending ~$750+ to gain 30hp! Ughhhh lol

Umm, that’s money well spent IMHO. 30hp is kind of a big deal once you start getting into higher HP numbers. The extra flow will help other mods and bolt-ons work better.

Very true.

I’m thinking about trying the vic jr and long sheet metal elbow.

I gained 7 horsepower and 3ft. lbs of torque !!!

Not bad for about 5,000$ in upgrades…[COLOR=Silver]

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]there no right or wrong intake. Its going to matter all on YOUR whole setup. these post are stupid.

408 cubes…a trans am…and a cam you might use.??? NA, no boost? 6K rpms, 9K rpms? Post up some more info, on the parts you have :slight_smile:

if you want to get into it for unlimited. You need to find out what you want to motor to do, power wise. Then what you need to do that, rpm limit, bore size, valve sizes. Then find what head will support the bore, and val;ve size needed. Then what intake, have the sizes then length for that.

I need to get the cam card but the engine it totally forged. Eric at HKE built the engine, but it was a couple years ago and the paper work has three different cams listed.

I think the cam is 243 247 on a 112 lsp

WCCH Stage II 317 heads.
2.02 intake 1.57 exhaust 232cc intake runner. Flows 305-307 @575 lift.

I’ll spin it to 6500 rpms and spray her with maybe a 300hp shot of n20.

With the LS6 intake and tb this is what she did with the timing pulled back.

See here for vids.…/page2&highlight=wheelie

dont use single plane with that.

No ITB’s no care. :wink:

I’m seriously considering ITB’s on my vette just for hotness.

I’ve been looking for a set that isn’t $2k+ for my pushrod sickness. Thinking about just making a set.

Cam is 243/247 112+3 / .367 LSL Lobes

What would you suggest fast? :confused:

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single will only make more power over 6K then a fast, you dont have the motor setup to do that.

John, which setup is that?

RobZs car,its a harrop… not cheap just under $4K to get it running on the car with no filter setup