M&M Again - 08.03.05

They’ve got a few more probes…

Mostly 2.2L (old body style) from what I’ve seen…

And that 280Z ZX thing I saw… that nissan… has a Nissan 3000 V6 engine in it…

Joel told me it was the same engine used in some other car…

But no luck finding a driver’s side plastic wheel well lining for my car, no factory turbos, nothing I wanted!

But it was once again, a good time.

I’m gonna go look up some info on turbos, how to tell if it’s god or bad, and might boost the Z this summer, or over winter :slight_smile:

factory turbos?

did those cars ever come with turbos?

Yes… the 2.2 Probe engine was available NA, and Turbo in the GT version.

Both had 2.2 Engines. This only applies to the older body style (1st gen) I’m unsure about the 2nd gen… which I believe started in 93.

Hit the junk yard sometime… I’m learning a bit about engines and shit there that I had never known before.

Then it is a Z31 300ZX which does not ressemble any DATSUN model.

The engine is a VG30E, variants can be found in the 200SX (rare V6 option), Infiniti M30, Maxima(fwd).

You’d have to see it… I don’t know shit about imports…

My last thread, I was told it was built under Datsun or something…

It’s a cool looking car though… I’m surprised it’s still there.

JEG has a parts car that may have a turbo on it

Ahhh word, thanks Jack

so a motor from a probe will fit in yer car?

man im confused

You disappoint me.

I could care less about the motor. Just a few specific turbo parts.

Trust me last thing you want to stick on your car is a probe turbo. Unless you like killing off your top-end. Or have an engine under 2 liters of displacement. :slight_smile:

i still gota get that damn parts car to my house so i can finish the fucker, ill be working the erie county fair open to close every day so after my bills im usein the rest of the $ on teh car. Brandon, if i dont need the turbo your welcome to it, ill sell it to ya chiep.

do they ahve any eg civics?

I don’t recall seeing any Civics there holmes

just a warning, i hear the 2.4 is only good for like 4 psi, not positive though