MAACO type Paint work in Buffalo?


Hey fellas,

Long story short I want to paint my work truck.

My buddy is pretty backed up and since I use this truck pretty much strictly for work, I’d love to give it a fresh coat.

I was going to do it using duplicolor perfect match cans (approx 20 LOL I’ve done this before).

So what about MAACO? They have jobs ranging from 500$ to 1500+

If you want show quality they’ll do it for an arm and a leg, but if you want shit only looks good in the rain quality, the price seems to be right up my truck’s alley.

I called that Earl’s best on main, CLOSEDDDDDD

Any thoughts?

Telling me not to paint the truck is not an option.


Would dipping or wrapping the truck be an option? If so, would that be cheaper? I honestly don’t know but it could be worth looking into.


I was going to suggest a wrap, but a DYI since it doesn’t need to be perfect. Doing it yourself could be a cheap route.

I tried to find an example video to add to this thread, but I hate all the ones I looked at, lol.


the bodyshop and glass on hamburg on camp road


I’d just DIY it. Single Stage paint with a Harbor Freight HVLP turbine kit will probably come out decent. Certainly will take a few days to prep it, though.


Roll it in Rhinoliner


Well I painted a rollpan bumper with duplicolor perfect match, 2 coats primer, 3 base, 3 clear. Turned out super nice! To paint the whole truck I’m guessing it’ll cost me around 250$ and a shit ton of time lol