mandatory HIV test for all US citizens signed by executive order by BHO?!?!


Please discuss.


tee hee, you said teat.


Lol i did and when i go to advanced edit it says test!!! Very odd


I love when Obama throws around the word “free”. In other words, it’s free to someone, but somebody out there is going to pick up the tab.




do you fail to understand the word “recommended” ? Show me anything that talks about a mandatory test.


eh i guess im ok with it.


If 20% of people who have HIV, don’t know about? Yes, I’m all for this.

Then again, get your tin foil hats on, because I’m sure the conservatives are going to have a field day with what Obama is going to do with your DNA.:ohnoes:


I dont fail in much. What i do see is as it may be ’ recommended’ now it will be LAW soon enough
I think 99% of the american people dont realize what this obamacare really is. You dont submit to everything we want you to, you dont get covergae. Period.


So if I’m reading this right, it will now just be part of the panel of blood tests that most people get at their yearly checkups; ok, whooptie fucking do. Not like they don’t already take 1500 vials of blood out of me anyways on a yearly basis.

This will just be another test like a Cholesterol Test, Glucose/Insulin, PSA, Kidney Function, CBC Panel, etc that they run on a normal basis.


Let’s just make this clear. anybody who said this EO demands any mandatory test is 100% wrong.


Congratulations, you’ve won the award for the most misleading thread title of the year for 2013!


It’s to identify the powerbottoms, obv.


Worst thread title ever. The government offers people the option of a medical procedure for free that has a chance to save lives of potential infected and the people around them, and that turns into a mandate?


How the fuck is it free?