Me > Mustang

So im driving down XXX and i see a black stang with a big wing up ahead, i pull up it sounds pretty good so i get in front of him cuz i gotta turn and hope he follows. While passing i see a autometer sticker on the window but look up front and see the tach to so i let it slide. Well he bit he follows me at my turn and we hit a light. We both start out slow and i get a couple cars ahead of him and figure he wasnt gonna go, but i hear him drop it down and he starts coming up quick. So i put it down into second when he gets to my rear bumper and off i go i get it upto about 110 and shut down i look back in time to see the faint shine of headlights making a U-turn, anyone here know who he is?


dont forget, those autometer stickers add 50 HP :slight_smile:


did it have a body kit on it too? what year approximately? i might know this guy if you can give some more info