fooled yah!!

If you got any post them up

ok ill start with a few i dident get a chance to take more.

Lol shawn take shis chair out mid day in the middle to block the spot off, pure jokes

thats it guys… and my pic takin skills suck as you can see but it was an awsome turn out!! thanks to all those who came out

could’ve had more pics if it wasn’t to that white 300zx

my baby

here some more:drivin

HAHHAHAH i love the first pic ****ing idiot thinks its bahamas, really does tooLOL

I know my camera sucks balls at night time, but here are the best that I was able to take!

and a walk around video - [

I have a vid of a tail happy white 240 in the parking garage but I don’t want to give tnc a bad image lol :confused:

more mmore more more

yesterdays meet was crazy styl but im lucky i you guys didn’t get any pics of my dads white escort, i wish i could of bought my 180sx

haha you was jokes… and i told you to help that man carry the rubbish at CG

lol oh well at least I saw my car in Mr. Phonso’s first pic :slight_smile:

really good pics…too bad I came later on, couple mins before the cops started pouring up top :frowning: as soon as I saw all those Nissan cars I knew I finally reached the destination throughout all the confusion… :smiley:

but then…ya. ah well, fortunately I was able to absorb as much of the meet as possible from our TNC meet but also the GTRC meet where me and Cal and another S14 alongside a 180sx resided @ CG before we cruised down to Yorkdale. Took many pics of that meet tho lol.

Here is the guy who ruined it for us…

thank **** i took off just befor 930
i would have been pissed right the **** off if this guy got me a ticket or even stopped by the cops,

SERIOUSLY BRO, What the hell were you thinking? Yeah your young you got a riced out 300 Who are you tryin to impress by spinning out and all that bull shit, All the trouble Rick went thru just to get this to go and you have to come and screw around when it clearly said DON’T! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!

This guy is not even a member or anything, when rick talked with him last night, he said he just heard about the meet from one of his buddies. but yea, hes not on this site…

looks familiar, lol.

lol damn people so many pics of me talking to security hahha

LoL yep…looks pretty firmiliar! When i saw that pic the first time on this thread. I actually said to myself “I Swear I was the one who took that pic!”

Just a couple of pictures, Sorry if there too big

i was very impressed by the work done on the 350 and the topdown s13!, great job guys!

^^hey goldie whats up it’s ryan eugene’s buddy. still have the gc8 eh? what’re you doing to it this season?

hey just wondering who has the black s13 with grey trunk? i thought i was the only one with that combo until i swear i saw this black w/grey trunk last summer i think. i just saw it in the youtube vid so i was wondering if zep or someone knew who has that?

too bad 1 person had to ruin a solid meet though. not surprising at all imo given his plate and body mods. my buddy passed by cg in his 86 and said the turn out there was pretty decent.

forrory +1. so clean.