Mid-Engine Corvette: 7/18/2019 [C8.R 2020]

Everything looking good so far (IMO) except those square exhaust tips.

I think going to mid engine is enough drama for most people to question if calling is a Corvette is still applicable. Going hybrid on top of that will make people REALLY crazy, lol.

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It’s the future. People have to deal with it.

And probably being the best performing out of any Corvette if it gets the Corvette name. lol Nothing like the aid of electric motors giving instant torque.

Looks nice and going to be a great value. Sold my V and saving my pennies.

Disappointed it won’t be at the Detroit auto show this year.

There really is only one thing I really do hope GM stays away from. It would be nice to see this vehicle get different buttons, steering wheel, material used, radios, etc than any other GM they already have out. It rots that it seems every time they produce Corvettes, the same styling and buttons you find in a malibu or Cruse are the same you find in a ZR1 Vette. Make this unique please. I’m really not a huge GM fan but still excited to see this and I still can appreciate Corvettes, just hate that they cheap out on select items.

Parts bin diving for switchgear is pretty standard. I’m looking at the interior of the 2016 Audi R10 on google right now and half the switch gear looks like they plucked it right out of my CC.

I would have been more worried about this 6 or 7 years ago when GM was still making TERRIBLE interiors but they’ve come a long ways.

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I can agree with that. I guess the article I read on Jalopnik about the zr1 recently is what through me off. You pay for a premium vehicle made by that manufacturer and instead of getting special items for that special car, you just get the same as something out of a Malibu. I mean I get that it causes the end price to be lower but with the new Mid-rear, I’d love to see them specialize a little more being that this will be a special machine for them.

I will 100% agree that their interiors though have come a long way. Not exactly the same steering wheel from one car to the next. haha

It’s been this way for almost an eternity, but they’ve come a long way.

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My z06 has a cobalt steering wheel LOL

You are serious, correct? haha

Yup, swap out the corvette emblem in the center with a Chevy emblem and bingo, you have yourself a cobalt steering wheel.

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Well that doesn’t look like a Cruze steering wheel

Maybe so but the C7 and the Camaro share steering wheels. Guess it’s better then the entry level Cruze hahaha.

Doesn’t look like the interior of a Cruze either :+1:

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Looks almost safe to say it will actually be called a corvette based on the emblem on the steering wheel.

Thank you, thank you very much. :slight_smile:

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Spied in the new Corvette C8: GM President Mark Reuss, who can’t help but grin.


I’ve seen some of these renderings and the front is beautiful, but the ass shouldn’t see the light of day.



So this might look like a McLaren :thinking:

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