Mid-Engine Corvette C8 2020

Front end and tail from Holden, but the passenger compartment are C7 pieces.
This Frankenmule appears to be the long awaited mid-engine Corvette…

Behold, mid-engine Corvette fans: The car you’ve waited patiently for Chevrolet to build has finally evolved beyond titillating concepts to the engineering mule revealed here. An 82-second strike by our recon op resulted in 15 frames before security narcs dropped the curtain on this black test car—with its two occupants still inside.

Don’t fret over the pointy-pickup camouflage; more attractive attire will follow. Instead take solace in a cabin hugging the front axle, ample space between the cockpit and the rear wheels for the hot parts, and this Corvette’s crouched and ready attitude.

The nose clip is from Holden Commodore SSV (with even wider flares), while the cabin module, roof, and exterior mirrors are hand-me-downs from today’s Stingray. A Holden SSV ute’s sheetmetal wraps door to door around the heinie. The wing keeps the tail planted during high-speed runs and what could be more practical than the bumper-mounted 2x10 for shoving this test sled back to the garage when it breaks down? Other items of note: The fuel-filler located on the driver’s-side B-pillar and the cooling intakes located along the rocker panels.


Realize they said this before the C6 and C7 also

Was there ever a mule spotted?

… And is this actually a mule or just a garage-freak.

Looks just like the holden truck


Strongly doubt this is the mid engine corvette mule.

For one, there is no strong evidence showing the engine is infact, in the rear.

Most importantly… Why are they testing the “c8” corvette when the c7 literally just came out.

I could wallpaper my waiting room with magazine covers of the next midengined Vette over the past 30 years.

There is a removable lid on the bed

How long do you think it takes to develop a car for production?

If this concept is true, an Agrea R and a GTR eiffel towered a C7.


Scaling the span between the axles using the wheels as guides (we’re estimating them at 19 inches in diameter) yields a projected wheelbase of 98.9 inches, some eight inches shorter than that of today’s Corvette. That blueprint upgrade comes from bumping the transmission from ahead of to behind the rear axle as God and Dr. Porsche intended. A tighter wheelbase quickens steering response and cinches up the turning circle. It goes without saying that at least 60 percent of this probable Corvette ZR1’s mass will be supported by the rear wheels, enhancing launch traction and balls-out braking. There are rumblings that the engine bay may eventually play host to a small, 3.5- to 4.0-liter V-8 with all the fixin’s—meaning no pushrods.

Thus far GM has issued no denials discrediting our most recent (and highly detailed) mid-engine Corvette forecasts. While there’s no fresh intel regarding launch timing, the fact that experimental hardware has left the laboratory suggests that the C8 Zora sports car is on schedule to roll into showrooms in about 20 months as a 2017 model, at which point it will be sold alongside the front-engined Corvette. Place your orders now or find yourself stuck at the back of a long delivery line.

They need to stop going through Ferrari Design Studios garbage and come up with something original…

Going to be the new super vette. Soon as they patented the Zora name you knew it was coming. Comparing it to ford gt. Is supposed to be mid engined and mid 150s.

I’m not following your logic on this one. A pickup truck can have a tonneau cover right?

The C6 Vette had a production run of 9 years, 9 long years.. I’d argue about half that would be useful to develop a completely new car.

If I am wrong, I will gladly give you $5.

I understand, but I just think its hard to say that there is no “strong” evidence. Strong being a variable term for discussion. It just seems interesting, to me at least, that the bed has a cover on it. It is also interesting that they are using the Holden UTE for anything since they are planning to close the facility in 2017. It also appears to be a longer wheelbase than a standard UTE model.

It is GM we are talking about, who knows how long they take to produce things when they mostly end up having recalls as soon as they meet “real world” applications. Maybe they learned since the C7 had a recall near immediately after their release and they do not want their flagship sports car to be anything less than the suggested price tag warrants.

There’s no way there is an engine in the front of that franken-mule. Look at where the door hinges at. It’s practically right at the back of the front tire.

Mule looks better then concept

They should just produce this c7 mid engine prototype. That was tested back in 2012.


From what I have read this will be sold along side of the C7 if it goes to production.
I don’t have any inside knowledge, but I have been reading the rumor mills. Hoping this would bring the value of a used C7 Zo7 down.

If they’re trying to build a supercar after the financial issues that had not so long ago :lol: :lol: :lol:

Are we sure this isn’t the new SSR concept?

Why is it still called a Corvette if it’s a completely different car?