Mid-Engine Corvette C8 2020

That’s a Riley tube chassis Daytona Prototype with Vette bodywork. Not some street car that was tested. Come the fuck on.

Seriously?! Cool your jets man.

Obviously, we all know changes would have to be made internally and externally before street ready. Go back to bed and get out the correct side.

I’m sure it’s just a powertrain validation mule.

Or many would remember how the Middle East shelled Lumina SS was used for the Camaro mule

How the S2000 was used as a NSX mule

How the Ford Transit Van was used for the Jaguar XJ220 testing


Or the awesome half-Wrangler for the Prowler:lol:

Bump for 2020. Every time I read something about this I just disregard it as rumor for obvious reasons, but I guess it’s time to start paying attention:

When did Ferrari and Chevy start making the same cars?



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Since someone pointed out to them that the C5 looks suspiciously like an RX7.

The rear plate… LOL

This is going to be so much awesome, just saying



Wont happen but would love to hear they put a twin turbo v6 in these rather than a v8. People would be so pissed it would be so wonderful!

Hum… would you rather have a used F430 or this? They look the same, and the Ferrari could cost $100k less :thinking:

It’s not a Corvette.


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That back of that car looks like crap period.

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The rear end is fucking atrocious. The rest looks damn good!

Well, in defense of the design it’ll need some large openings back there to help cool the engine. Most mid-engine cars have some sort of venting holes.

For example, the Murcielago hides it a little better:

The vents don’t bother me, the taillights, spoiler and the curves all contribute to the horrible look.

$170,000?!? I hope they don’t plan on making very many of them.

What is the first thing everyone thinks when they see the price of a car? “What could I get with that money?” The answer… Something not Chevy.