Has anyone ever seen an awesome C4 vette?

I’m starting to think that a black C4, slammed on wide wheels, VIP style would look fucking awesome, especially w/ overfenders.

I feel like they’re typically such turds, that an awesome one would be SUPER awesome. Most old guys own em, so they don’t really get modded into anything sweet, especially not with “modern” style… but there are lot of 80s cars that look super lame when stock and super sweet when modded… AE86, for example…


it would be tough to pull it off


C5 OR 6

I still think it’s possible…

We all know your gonna do it even if we say no haha.

I think C4’s are lame because… They are not fast, not luxurious, and not particularly anything special. There are much better cars out there I’d rather mod that aren’t (That aren’t done all the time)

seen some really BA ZR1s before ill look for pics

But look at an E30. Stock they are fucking lame and slow as balls, but there are tons of them that look awesome when modded… I just think that because of the “prestige” of the corvette heritage, it gets preserved by old guys and skimmed over by young guys.

Also, I’m not necessarily looking to start a project, just thinking…

I call BS. Thinking about a project! lol

Haha, the only way I would start something is if I sold the E30

But you have an extra bay in the garage with no lotus in there… I sense SNKY SNKY

Edit: Or, you could always fill the space with an STi. =/

I think it’s definitely doable. I don’t mind C4’s, particularly the later ones where the back goes out instead of in, and think it could be a cool starting point. I think I have a soft spot for them from driving my dad’s '95 when I was 16 and thinking it was the fastest thing ever. I think they look way better than the couple previous generations before them, E30’s and AE86’s as well.
Also for some reason I really liked these wheels.

If done right, a 90-96 doesn’t look too bad. I don’t think I’d ever pick one over a C5 though. It’s the interiors on the C4’s that I don’t like.

I honestly think e30’s are sexy because of how minimalistic they are.

When i think c4 vett, I think 90’s GM… Boat mobile, purple haze window tints, “Technology”, POS everything, etcetera.

Buy a Mercedes diesel and VIP it.

Then crank the boots.

Pretty nice looking ZR-1. Lower it a few inches. ZR-1’s already have widened rear 1/4 panels to fit the bigger rims/tires. It’s hard to tell at first but if you see them next to a regular Vette you will notice it.


A different one with stock wheels:


They really can look good… I’ve been over and over this in my mind. Structurally (I think)… they would need some help to put down real power.

Not a ZR-1. They started at 385hp and went up to 405 in '94. A few bolt-on’s and a little STS rear-mount would get you near 600hp. I can’t imagine a cam swap would be cost effective since they have 4 cams, lol. Lingenfelter modded a bunch of them with cams and porting and got them over 600hp N/A but i’m sure it wasn’t cheap. Here’s a video of one of them going down the track many years ago: Sounds REAL good hearing a V-8 rev to 8 grand!


it’s still a c4. Friend of mine had one and it was nothing special. Like stated before, the interiors are garbage. It MIGHT look nice from the outside, but you still have to sit inside a terrible looking and feeling interior. I’d rather put the money else where

Ive been eying these up myself lately i cant decide what i think yet though. I see one and love it and see another and hate it. Then i think about the mechanics of it and am way turned off.

There was a C4 built by a guy who’s famous for basically developing the modern EFI aftermarket if I remember correctly. One of the first if not the first TT C4 vette, something like 1200hp; and the car was build probably 10 years ago when this was still unheard of.

Found it - john meany; and it’s 1300hp, my bad. And he’s the one who engineered BigStuff3.


Now put that powertrain into something that looks like the black ZR1 setup… now that would be a sweet ride.