Mid-Engine Corvette... Coming Soon? [C8.R 2020]


The Ford GT sold out. I doubt GM will have any problems selling a limited production mid-engined supercar for $170k.


How many GTs were made per year? I gotta think it was a few less than typical Corvette production. …And it had historical significance. If they didn’t call it a Corvette I might buy one. LOL

Edit: 32000+ Vettes were built in 2017.


I am not saying they won’t sell but at all but people buying $70,000 cars are probably not going to shell out $170000.


And Russ Savatore doesn’t need to sell as many prime aged steaks as McDonalds sells shit microwave burgers to be successful.


I think it’s performance will really determine a lot. Will it perform as well or better than a Maclaren 570s or even a 720 for that matter for less money? The corvette has always been such a performance for your dollar kinda thing.

I will say I am super curious about the interior… not GM’s strong suit.


Yeah, if they’re going to step up to the $150k plate it’s got to deliver on more than just performance. I have zero doubt it will be the fastest and best handling vette ever when they remove the physics constraints of front engine/rear drive from the engineering team but GM will need to step up across the board. People spending that much aren’t concerned just with magazine performance stats/per dollar.


People can’t seriously expect a rear engine hypercar with 1000+ HP will still start at old corvette prices, just because it’s named corvette

ditch the corvette name, name it something else

the corvette is dead along with the viper


It’s not a hypercar, it’s a Corvette.


The current vette isn’t. This one being an MR setup with likely massive HP and lower production numbers could very well be in the hypercar performance realm though. I think technically price is part of being a hypercar and at “only” $150k it won’t qualify. Should definitely make the cut for supercar though.


Whatever it is, the second they stuck that engine in it’s ass and put electric motors on the front wheels the price jumped at least 50K


Honestly it’s not a Corvette. I think $150k for a mid engine beast car is fine, but it’s not a Corvette. They can call the Corvair and that would make way more sense.


someone in a vette forum mentioned the project name was Zora. That would be different.


If its called Corvair and has 1000hp, I will buy one. :slight_smile:


I can’t see it being called anything but Corvette. The Corvette has always been Chevrolet’s halo car. If you give this some other name that means the Corvette is no longer the pinnacle of Chevy.


Good point, but that brings up the issue now that the Corvette becomes unattainable for most people at that price range. The Corvette has always been a relatively affordable sports car. Maybe if they called it the Corvette SS or some Chevy branding crap like that.


I wonder how much the Camaro SS and ZL1 have basically forced the Corvette to make this move. The performance gap between the Vette and Camaro isn’t much now and the pricing starts to overlap when talking about high end Camaros. It think branding/demographic wise GM is making a safe bet assuming the guy looking for a $50k Vette will be ok buying a 50K Camaro while they may attract a new demographic with a $150k Corvette supercar.


Darth Nader sounds like a good name to me.


I think ballsac launcher is a better name



3 motor options are being talked about.
600hp Flat crank, 800hp V8, 1000 hp hybrid - V8 800hp to rear and 200hp electric to the front

Also curious if this will even be called a corvette. GM just renewed the name Zora. Curious if they will call it a Corvette Zora or just Zora.