Mighty, 8/7/05 9:30ish

Just what the title says… I’m bored but don’t want to go out to taffys, so anyone feel like meeting at mighty and chillin for a few lemme know…
I’m torn between driving out to NCC to see hwo long it’ll take me… or chillin at mighty.

sorry dude

its 2005

not 2003

Um… Just wondering what that’s supose to mean? Its 2005 not 2003
Possibly reading comprehension pwn3z joo? the title is 8/7/05 which would indicate right now… tonight, in the current year of 2005.0

im not even going to respond

after this response


Maybe he was being a smartass and saying Mighty is sooooooo 2003… like a Valley girl

maybe he can leave his comments to himself.
it’s down the street from me I’m not confident in my car enough to go to taffies yet…
We can meet at Jims if you’d like instead.

you are totalllly right… like duuuhhh


In all honesty car meets aren’t worth the gas anymore. :slight_smile:

With current gas prices I’d have to agree. Its nice to go out and talk to some people you don’t see day to day but if you need to drive 35 miles round trip to do that, fuck it.


Rolled up there for a few… no one was there… helped someone working on the pultrygeist change her tire.

a few of us cruised up to mighty at about 11 and there hasn’t anyone to be found. Mighty meets are deffintly “hotter” on friday and saturdays. You can find me up there just about any night after 11. except for the next week+ I’ll be outta town