mmm interfooler

well this past week i havnt been on much, been workin on my car in my spare time, i installed a front mount intercooler to my engine.

and in the end total only cost me $250


i dont have any engine shots yet cause it was too dark and i just finished battery relocation to my trunk today.

so yeah, i sold my stock smic and piping for $150
got a deal on my cooler for $250
piping cost me $100
couplers were free from bings old rspl which he bent in a ditch
batt relocation was $50

best $250 ive ever spent

so far ive spent $2000 on my engine and its faster than a stock sr which costs $3000 for a front clip :headbang:

i love nissans.

more pics soon

:tup: :tup:





cool :tup:…run her yet? j/w what kinda times your throwin down.

prolly low 15’s…lol


teh CA = le poo

:tup: lookin good man

and bing ur crazy, after finally riding in a CA i kinda want one myself :wink:

edit where did u get yours from? and how much?

got a front clip from a buddy for $1500 cdn

bing=sr. has spent $6,000+ on engine, runs 14.
jesse= ca. has spent $2,000 on engine, never ran but would be high 14 low 15. its definately faster than a stock sr now.

plus drag racing is teh ghey

can said buddy get me one for 1500 cdn as well? :stuck_out_tongue:

nah this was a one time deal

crap :tdown:

whats the best price u guys got for those up north?

Nice :tup:

Jay, you’ll forget all about these CA dreams once the FD is back.

bah i dono, go on nico ca section, yankee’s will have a better time finin them there, not many people have them around here. although there is a 300+ hp ca 180sx here in st.catharines… and bing his ca < ur sr and he only spent $9000 on his car alone.



yea well its been a long summer :frowning:

It 'aint over yet! [/summer] = November for the Z.


iron 6’s for life.

ran 14.0 at stock boost with a 2.5 inch cat my first night ever at the track

was significantly faster at 11.5psi with a test pipe but never ran the 1/4.

and you only get your stuff so cheap because you know me…THATS RIGHT!!!

but if i know you, and your you, and were comparing eachother

your still out $4,000.

plus 300hp is only good if you dont put your car in a ditch

lol. i want to hang out with you guys and heckle too.

your car has to run first grasshopper.

BTW - nice IC. Budget modding 4 lyf3