Model Hunt..

Do you know anybody who is interested in modeling? Doesn’t have the money to get a “portfolio” made by a pro? Doesn’t know where to start? Too shy of getting turned down by some of those major modeling companies?

Get them out to a Toronto Nissan event now to be come a member of the TNDG (Toronto NIssan Dream Girlz)!Toronto NIssan is currently looking for models. Come out to a show, take some pictures with some hot looking cars and have a good time! It’s the perfect place for a girl to start her career. All you have to do is register on our online forums at and the best part is it’s completly free.

So if you have any friends or relatives that you think would make a good model, let us know.

Please post pictures in this thread. Any negative or derogitory coments will be deleted imdiately and poster will be dealt with.


Favorite car:

What you look for in a guy:

What turns you off:

Pet peeve:

Personal coments:

NOTE: Toronto Nissan will not be paying for models to come out. This is strictly volunteer.
By posting your pictures on our website people will be able to contact you to by email or Private Message. Pictures and questionair can be sent to Zep. Information that is sent to any of the above will be kept confidential between the admistrators.

If you are seriousely interested in modeling for Toronto Nissan you will be asked to sign a release to allow us to post your photos online at Toronto Nissan and anywhere else that we may feel is needed to help promote the club. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older. Identification will be required upon signing the release form.

Thank you for your time,

NOTE: Toronto Nissan is a reputable car club that is only looking for models to help promote the club in a possitive manor. Applicants for the modeling program should feel safe to apply without worry of any herassment or deraugitary coments. Any members who are caught doing so will be punished imediately and could become banned from the club. This is for the safety of our future models.


fill in the application on the top menu bar of the forums and send pictures to

All applications will be sent to the right person/s