mug shot thread

i thought these were already floating around

just playin lol . wish i still had mine . they were bad

Ive only been detained until the CQ desk could pick me up so no mug shots for me lol

lolz, i just put a gearbox together for Zach. Will bring this up when he meets to pick it up :rofl

are these real

Yah… zach lanahan looks like a complete retard

yeah, they are. I remember a thread when it happened and I remember the Zach kid being on here and admitting to it. I forgot his member name though.

his name was zachlanahan

Is breaking down someones age to 17.94 years necessary? lol

17.99 will get you 10!

Good point :lol

Not really. 16.99 in NYS.

16 and its fair game here.

So what did these two fine members of the community do? I see their arrest date/time/case number is identical.

Visiting vt asap.

CP is more plentiful and of higher quality in the 518 - they all push strollers here. :Idiots

Moar legal there though!

chad, if u really wanna fuck a 16 year old so bad that you are going to travel to VT to do so… just fuck one here… as long as you dont fuck a crazy bitch u’ll be fine. i dont fuck 16 year olds but i know a handful of them from colonie that love to play with dick

:rofl :rofl

Will keep that in mind when I’m home for thanksgiving.

Next addition to thread… me, thanks to singh. :lol