Mustang Memes


Camaro guy loses it but at least he doesn’t hit anyone:

  1. This is the Mustang thread. Start another for Camaros.
  2. That car is FUCKED up.


I just heard a World War II plane crashed at an air show and I assumed it was a Mustang. :rimshot:


But did it crash into the crowd?


Mustangs were never meant to be tamed:

Mustang: running people over since the 1840’s


Good point. It actually crashed on the way to the show, not leaving.



Followup to Newman’s gif. It gets even weirder at the end when dude tries to walk it off. Guess he gave his GF the aids and she decided to run him the fuck down. lol




I had to deduct points. His legs weren’t tight during the rotation.



Second angle, with sound.


Y’all need to post the other one too. I’ll see if I can find it.


Good to see some newer models contributing.


That curb saved at least 5 kids.


The very end of that first video, I’m intrigued about the badge being flashed around.


Yeah, you’re right. Think he was an officer for the Mustang Meme Police. “Nothing to see here, move along”.




I don’t understand the driver’s reaction upon exiting the car at all…


From reddit:

Researchers later removed the trailer altogether, and placed a small “crowd of human figurines” nearby. The mustang immediately veered into the “crowd”. They have no explanation for this phenomenon.