Mustang Memes


^^ LOL






Crowd hunting season is coming.



In all fairness, convertibles have known handling issues.


This whole car show is a joke. Guy can’t drift/do donuts in his car, hits crowd. Instead of making sure the guy doesn’t leave, they kick the shit out of his vehicle and pretty much require him to run for his life. All they had to do was make sure he went no where and called the police. But hey, people were acting like tools in the parking lot so why call the police and ruin the fun.


It’s turned into part of car culture in CA :lol:


I have never wanted to see a car crash into a crowd of people more in my life, while watching those vids. The guy falling out of the back of the pick up truck in the second one was priceless. I was so hoping for something to happen :slight_smile:


I bought my LS from a guy in Crenshaw and once in a while he posts a Snapchat of him at a ‘meet’ like that. It’s a different world over there for sure.


It’s been a long hard winter, gotta make up for the lost months:

^^ That’s clearly the after. Trying to find the “during” part.

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There was a 350R in there too according to the internet. Insert tears of @2TurboZ here -> _____________


I’m pretty sure that was all photoshopped.


I dont cry for things that will only be watched by the 6 people on here. :oj:



Never go full Mustang…


That time of year again…



Just read about that. How unfortunate for the woman, her little one, and her family. Stupid 18 year old kid racing on a major roadway. He is in some serious shit for this one. 2 homicides all for trying to race a Nissan Altima I believe it was. Sad.