Mustang Outruns Police at 150mph

I guess this does work?

An unknown motorist hurtled west along Interstate 70 outside of Glenwood Springs early Friday morning, driving a dark-colored, older-model Mustang so fast that state troopers couldn’t get a read on its license plate.

Running from the cops takes serious balls. Every second they pursue you you’re adding thousands of dollars in legal fees if you don’t fucking die.

EDIT: It’s also super stupid.

you might get away once or twice, but eventually you WILL get caught. It doesn’t matter if you are in a fast street car or a liter bike, law enforcement has the upper hand. The best thing to do is to pull over before things get out of hand.

Source: personal experience getting caught doing stupid things.

Sounds like he outran the radio in this case too. They haven’t found the car yet.

There’s a good chance he never may be found. Mustangs are known to go fast enough to travel through time. The Black Shelby ones though…not so much.


Not sure about time but they sure do travel through crowds well

Bump for a wild Hellcat driver…


Now that’s pretty impressive. Wondering if they got the plate number.

When you outrun the helicopter you’re doing something right. Lol