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hmmmmmm true on the hazmat, now are you driving a commercial vehicle or private? and if commercial do you have your dot number on it with not for hire next to it…

or is this ur car haha


Guys I told him he could keep it up.

Or did I?

See what I did there, Im with vlad no proof = no case, especially when there IS proof it was already asked to be removed.

If the guy was smart and thought it through more, he would have more of a leg to stand on. If its OK for “vote for pedro” signs to be up, like this one should be too, and you want to play the its not fair why can those be up but not mine card, PUT A FEW RANDOM POLITICAL VOTE FOR ME SIGNS UP RIGHT NEXT TO IT TOO. Then its a nice catch 22. Kick them both down and you now have to go around town kicking down ALL THE VOTE FOR ME SIGNS around town too… Or Kick the 2A sign down only and they violated their own rule!

What he should have done. got “yeah put it back up, and HERE IS WHY ITS OK TO BE UP”, on a signed legal document from the town. Then they have ZERO leg to stand on to remove it, however I don’t care. If they say it has technicalities to make it OK, then abide by them and you still are winning.

It would be AWESOME if it had a lick of forethought, but it doesn’t and it boarderline sucks now. But yeah the cop was just as dumb. Ohh well.

PS, Im back, fuck it


I love starting shit on this forum. It gives me something to read over lunch :pop


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The thing at the moment is him determining his property line. In rural towns and villages like this the lines road lines may not always follow suit to the actual property lines in the deeds. That and only that will determine his course of action if any. If it was on town property then he’s SOL, if it was on his own property then well things get a little more interesting.


yes me 2. i have a bunch of things to say about this topic too. i learned at a young age a bad cop can mess up your life. watch out too they are always packing.

i compare most bad cops to nazi police. first they pull you over when your busy, they ask for you card when they first see you, check to make sure your not a jew then they use to much force.


so if they dont meet the quota they face things. so instead they will hand out crazy tickets trying to get you to pay.

most police i consider traffic police. as they will never save a live or stop a real criminal most of the time. but they will hand out a bunch of papers for a traffic infraction.

theres more cops then ever before. so that means theres more of a chance to run into a bad cop. i know coke head drunks that are military police. more than one too.

i reccomend a camera at all times you interact with one. becasue for the most part people will listen and believe a cop more than a regular person especially a judge or a jury.

i like good cops. the old town sheriff idea is the best imo if hes a good guy. like a western movie

i was attacked before, defended myself, called the cops and then i got arrested, charged with words and a expensive lawyer later i might be getting paid for the wrong doing.

huge process but i feel cops should be punished more than paid leave and i have some extra time so why not.

sometimes if cops mess up or they are just dumb and if you have it on film thats a big lawsuit. its one of the only times i think suing is justified. when someone that should be trusted messes up and hurts others or the public.

there are cops on this fourm that think they should be able to decide if law effects them or others. when they dont write any law at all. they are a public servants on paper.

look at my records. a cop posted and was upset i posted the fact there could be bad cops out there.

police should protect the public. not scare them. police shouldnt remove there signs that are opposing views.



ill assume RB is roast beef and provolone is cheese.

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All of you pro gun guys are worse than gays and lesbians…

Get a fucking job with all of your extra time instead of worrying about a punk on a forum that isn’t obeying a letter he received…

I’m pro gun, I love guns actually. Has any of these bullshit laws affected my life enough to actually give a fuck, absolutely not.

Moral of the story is they don’t want the fucking sign up for one. And two , the sign is so close to the road that it may not even be his property.

Sad that a bunch of people donated money to this guy for a camera… I could think of a few parts of New York that aren’t rebuilt yet from Irene that could of used the money.


Apparently the OP was correct because the case has new evidence (not revealed) and enough to take it to a federal civil rights lawsuit level. So much for all the law pros in here saying he had no ground to stand on… apparently he must have quite a bit…


“unconstitutional” and “illegal” SAFEA act has been to courts too to no avail so far.

Anything can be taken to court, that’s the easy part.

Winning is the hard part.

If he wins I’ll eat my words, until then he’s just a stubborn idiot.

edit: even if he wins I’m still sure it’s just cops trying to end the complaint about a sign not a hidden anti 2a agenda. he should test it by putting an entirely different sign up and see if it states…


I thought that the lawsuit that failed was just about the message of necessity. The other lawsuits are still on going and there is a trial date in January for one of them.


And how optimistic are you?


On top of all this… whats the best case scenario here? A guy’s sign is properly placed and the cops removed it thinking it was illegal and destroyed it… the guy is out $20 per sign.

Like none of us have ever been pulled over before for speeding more so than we actually were or given an infraction such as tint even though it was legal, which resulted in going to court and likely paying a surcharge even though you weren’t actually at fault.

So the worst case scenario in this “scandal” is the same shit that happens daily anyway where cops make a wrong call and it ends up costing you money. I can think of a number of examples even the one with Asa (member) and I when we got our bikes impounded in Corinth even though we were legal. Court fees, lawyer fees, impound fee ($200) a bike, a day spend picking up the bikes an hour up North, etc all which was based on nothing.

Neither me or Asa went on the internet to bitch and moan to the entire US population to anybody that would listen on the fact that we were unfairly treated…

In reality the guy here is still most likely in the wrong to begin with. But even if not, the people who make a big stint out of this need to get a life.


getting to court is the hard part. filing a claim is the easy part.

its an obscenely low (and i’m not 100% on the number in my head so i’m not gonna give an actual percentage) percentage of cases that make it to trial, most get dismissed or settled way before hand.

and i could see if he actually have a claim in federal court but yea i don’t feel like doing legal research when i’m not doing school work lol


fox new today


If nothing else the internet works wonders in making me laugh. I knew this would eventually hit the news, good orbad:rofl


Principle - a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.

Might want to learn that word, and maybe pick a few principles of your own that you will have the balls to stand up for.