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I have a real world little example for you all.

Come to my house, and drive up Lepper Rd from Rt5 in Amsterdam. There is a farm that sits around the intersection of Lepper and Steadwell. That farm is an eye sore to say the least, infact its 100% a total shithole with abandonment for belongings where they sit from either falling apart, running out of gas or it was just where they decided to call it a day. There is cow shit across the street to drive over daily. There is geese, roosters, cats, dogs, loose cattle, and dirty little kids in the street constantly for you to come around the corner at the speed limit of 45 and hit, all the while the farmers sit on a milk crate on the side of the road and watch yet do nothing about. The place is a pure shit show… Feel free to google map it you can see the shit everywhere from the sat image.

1000 feet up the road you have some of the nicest houses and most expensive houses in my area. I feel bad for those people the most because they have to send their friends and family around that eye sore to get to their homes, and it is without a doubt bringing their value of the home down too. But, its OK for the farm to do what they do because its a farm and the 1985 ford ranger with a tree growing through the bed is “servicing the property” and it is allowed to sit there.

My point is, no mater what the law says right or wrong you have to have some respect to your neighbors. It might be ok to put up “I hate gays” signs on your front lawn, but its disrespectful to your neighbors. This country needs to grow up and start giving a shit about someone other then themselves. Just because you have the right to do as you please within the confines of the laws on your property doesn’t mean its OK to do within common reasoning from society.

(this was in reply to travis, not the gun sign guy)


I can’t “apply” anything to any members on here…this isn’t my site and I’m not a mod. People argue and make fun, but every one of your responses seems to immediately take an aggressive stance. Do as you will, I don’t lose sleep over it.


first off vlad, read this and you can see the inception of which the speech was derived:
“If your government is big enough to give you everything you want, it is big enough to take away everything you have.”
Neither this quotation nor any of its variant forms has been found in the writings of Thomas Jefferson. Its first known appearance in print was in 1953, although it is most likely older. It appeared frequently in newspapers in the 1950s (usually unattributed), and was even used in political cartoons. It was copyrighted in 1957 by the General Features Corporation, as part of a syndicated newspaper feature called “Today’s Chuckle.” It later became a popular saying among Republican politicians. Governor Harold W. Handley of Indiana used it in his annual message to the Indiana General Assembly in 1961;[3] Barry Goldwater was quoted using it in his 1964 run for president;[4] and Gerald Ford is on record using it in an address to a joint session of Congress on August 12, 1974.[5] It was attributed to Ford as early as 1954, however,[6] and Ford’s assistant, Robert Hartmann, said that Ford claimed to have heard the quotation “early in his political career” from Harvard McClain at the Economic Club of Chicago.[7] This quotation was not attributed to Jefferson until relatively recently. It is sometimes followed by, “The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases,” which is most likely a misquotation of Jefferson’s comment, “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yeild, and government to gain ground.”[8]

now, i wasnt that far off.

next, i AM out for myself. im not here to support john q welfare down the street, nor do i expect you to. this country is comprising it moreso daily with the mentality that people are owed things just for being alive. life doesn’t owe you shit… the government doesn’t owe you shit, and i as a tax payer am fucking fed up paying into the federal government for them to turn around and use my hard earned tax dollars to fund welfare and now fucking obamacare to take care of deadbeat pieces of shit who’d rather vote for a living instead of work for one.

zoning laws are one thing, signage is another. if the authorities are going to harass this individual for putting up a PRO 2ND AMENDMENT SIGN in his yard, which btw is only reitterating the overlying laws of the land and his beliefs that its correct, then they better shut down every 5 year olds lemonade stand as well for zoning restrictions having a business in a residential area… do you see how fucking insane that sounds? my views. my property, my RIGHTS to express my beliefs without infringing upon someone elses RIGHTS under the prevailing laws of the land. government has gone too fucking far.

now as for any personal vendetta you may or may not have against me (hah), ill gladly discuss that anytime you want in a private setting. this is not the place for such a discussion. this goes for any of you.


Didn’t you try to sue an old lady who “hit you” (but I believe everyone later attributed to rider error), when you didn’t even have a motorcycle license to be riding?


We are a society. I don’t like my taxes supporting anything you do just as much as you don’t like supporting “q welfare” but it doesn’t matter, you don’t get to decide. If you want to be selfish, then don’t live in a society.

It doesn’t matter what you like or don’t like as far as where your tax dollars goes. Half of our budget is millitary 50% and half of a percent is NASA .5% . I’d like to support NASA more but thats not upto us. You can sit and complain all you want and in the end of the day you’re just throwing words into the wind.

Man you should go on Fox, they will love you there. Rights this, government that, welfare, people owed etc.

I’m done here, I can be more productive staring at a wall for 10 minutes than trying to have a conversation with you. In the end of the day the guy with the sign won’t get anywhere, you will be fighting for your agenda of trying to overturn the socialist government as a one man army while complaining about welfare until the cows come home. I’ll continue having my happy live not giving a shit about you or some idiot disregarding regulations and being over ruled by the town even after being warned.


So if I put up a “Gag on a shot gun Travis” sign on my property that’s OK?

I mean I am expressing my views, my RIGHTS (1A) on my property right, so that’s ok in my eyes based on the negligence for the rest of the laws, I also need to coincide with.

bottom line is as americans you have very little free-will to do whatever the hell you please on your own private kingdom of land. Its really simple, you have 2 choices. Try to do whatever you want, if you get away with it its either because its legal to do so, or nobody found out about what you are doing and found out its not legal to do so, then its up to you to either accept the mistake or argue it. OR you can ask people in a position of higher standing than yourself to find out if your actions might be legal or not, if they say yes go ahead and try it… but be aware they might be incorrect in telling you its ok then your still dealing with the repercussions anyways.


This !!!


Can’t forget when he cashed in the check from the sale but then claimed he never did

: Sigh : Why can’t the Travis insanity ever end? NASIOC scammer thread…

I just wanted to let you all know that your buddy, Travis Koch is a scammer. He has been caught numerous times trying to scam out his burned up STI parts on misc. automotive forums.

Not only that, he has taken money from various members of these car forums and never sent the item that he was selling. The people who have been scammed have also shown proof that their checks cleared and the money was recieved, but Travis Koch denies any wrong doing.

Please understand that Travis Koch is a very shady person with a long history of theivery that has been documented dating back to 2006.

Please take some time to look over the links provided which show evidence of his dishonesty.
Oh man, thanks for the throwbacks, I forgot we have an entire thread dedicated to this guy

But don’t worry guys, this outstanding citizen is quite concerned with the fact that his tax money is supporting welfare and that HIS RIGHTS to put up signs is being infringed upon :rofl

Aren’t we glad we had a fundraiser for this guy?

You know… funraiser… getting something for nothing… I’m sure there is a joke in here somewhere regarding welfare.

Edit x2:

Oh man I love looking at old posts



This is fun!

How about filing for bankruptcy to default on the STi loan? Man this hard working American can’t catch a break

Then again it’s hard to be hardworking while sitting on unemployment

Classic lines

I’ll pregame his reply with his own reply

lets keep bringing up shit from 5+ years ago vlad. thats surely making your case for you…:banghead
its called growing up and taking responsibility. thats something that some people here and MANY millions around the country have forgotten how to do. if you read closer i said entitlements/ government ASSISTANCE programs were ok as long as they were used properly… as an aid to help until you could procure gainful employment… not as a fucking career path.

READ, COMPREHEND, THEN REPLY BUDDY. step 2 is key there. :wink:

You should run for politics, as you’re quick to “reinvent” yourself and forget that the past ever existed.


I love it lol ! God I’m so glad I woke up and walked away from this trainwreak know as failvis ! Members thank u for giving me a chance and not lumping me in with this fine citizen


I am especially glad I contributed to the entertainment of this thread by bringing up Travis and his swindling.


Lol it would have anyway


Vlad is a socialist.
He is bad for America
That is all


This man disagrees


so what am i president jammer :dunno


A cumdumpster





So in the end, this “unconstitutional action” and “extreme disregard to rights” ended up going nowhere legally on the side of the home owner?

Now they are just happy that their cry for help put more light onto the issue.

Talk about a false flag…


Sounds like “you didn’t build that”