Muwahahahah! Holy shit!


Better yet if a Pro-Safe ACT sign was being kicked down by the cop.

Cop would be hailed a hero!


Exactly lol. I’m amazed on a daily basis by how much logic people dismiss.


A “PRO SAFE ACT” sign wouldn’t last long enough for a cop to have a chance to see it.


Woah look who came out of the woodwork.


Would bet money that this would be the case.


So you don’t feel that there is a part of the state and federal government that would like to make N.Y. and the U.S. like Austrailia where citizens right to bear arms is curtailed.


In Australia they’ve been knocking down gun signs for years!


Love you too vlad:shift




Well there it is, now you done it. New outrages all over the country!!! People don’t get to do whatever the fuck they want!!! Ridiculous!!!

“Christians Under Attack!”

Residents of a Florida city who have had “God Bless America” signs posted on their front lawns for months have been ordered by local officials to remove them. reports that the First Baptist Church of Bartow distributed some 300 signs to residents following a Fourth of July celebration. The city only permits residents to display signs during major holidays is starting to crack down on the displays.
"Being a veteran, I felt like I was just kicked in the gut. I couldn’t believe it, that I couldn’t display my love for my nation by putting a sign up that says “God Bless America,” Bartow resident Marcus Seger told the station.
The city’s code enforcement division recently notified offending residents that its temporary sign ordinance has been in place for 13 years and already allows for some exceptions for yard displays.

Some Bartow residents disagree with the ordinance and have no plans to comply with the city’s request. “This is my yard that I’m paying the taxes on. It’s my right,” Emmett Purvis, an area resident with a sign, told

“It is clear that some recipients of the notices have interpreted them as an indication that their message of ‘God Bless America’ is in violation of city code. This interpretation is not the case or the intent of the city. Instead, the issue is and remains the sign type – not the message,” Long said.

Bunch of fucking cry babies. “They aren’t allowing me to break regulations as I see fit! Whaaaa. I pay my taxes I should do whatever the fuck I want”



this country was founded on the premise that we have rights vlad. the right to life, liberty and property. and the right to do with our property as we see fit as long as it were not to infringe upon someone elses rights. if i want to put a sign in my yard stating my beliefs, that is my RIGHT. this is a case where city, town, local, state, and federal governments are overstepping their bounds and treading upon the constitution and premise that this once great nation was founded upon. not only was th cop in the original post guilty of harassment, and theft, but trespassing as well. remember again the words of thomas jefferson… “a government big enough to grant you everything you desire is large enough to take it all away.”
obama’s now famous “you didnt build that” speech is yet another reason he is unfit to lead this country. we as an american people thrive on the premise that if you work hard enough and persevere you can accomplish your dreams , without government assistance. without “permission”. i would find it hard for you to grasp that we as an american society are indeed greater than any other country on earth. we tolerate the castoffs and misfits from every other country in the world and attempt to accomodate them in every way possible yet are looked down upon… other countries say we are assholes… fuck that… if we’re so bad, go the fuck back where you came from.


God you are a fool.


  • A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.

  • Presidential address to a joint session of Congress (12 August 1974)

  • Ford has also been quoted as having made a similar statement many years earlier, as a representative to the US Congress: “If the government is big enough to give you everything you want, it is big enough to take away everything you have.

  • “If Elected, I Promise…” : Stories and Gems of Wisdom by and About Politicians (1960) p. 193

  • Similar assertions have often been attributed to Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. Some of the inspiration for such expressions may lie in “The Criminality of the State” by Albert Jay Nock in American Mercury (March 1939) where he stated: “You get the same order of criminality from any State to which you give power to exercise it; and whatever power you give the State to do things for you carries with it the equivalent power to do things to you.”"

Gerald Ford

Comments: Neither this quotation nor any of its variant forms has been found in the writings of Thomas Jefferson. Its first known appearance in print was in 1953, although it is most likely older. It appeared frequently in newspapers in the 1950s (usually unattributed), and was even used in political cartoons. It was copyrighted in 1957 by the General Features Corporation, as part of a syndicated newspaper feature called “Today’s Chuckle.” It later became a popular saying among Republican politicians. Governor Harold W. Handley of Indiana used it in his annual message to the Indiana General Assembly in 1961

No I don’t remember those wise words of Jefferson because he never fucking said them.

This is like the fourth quote I have to correct you on that your dull mind attributes to a person who never fucking said it. If you can’t do something as simple as attribute the right quote to the right person you have no credibility in anything other you say because you simply do not question or think about what you say.

Not even going to get into the “famous “you didn’t build that”” speech because you clearly don’t remember the context of that either.

Here is the context for you, waste of my time posting it as you won’t read it, as it’s too many words for your short attention span and desire to know reality

"There are a lot of wealthy, successful Americans who agree with me – because they want to give something back. They know they didn’t – look, if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own. I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart. There are a lot of smart people out there. It must be because I worked harder than everybody else. Let me tell you something – there are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there.

"If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help.  There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to  create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you  to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a  business -- you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The  Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the  Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.

"The point is, is that when we succeed, we succeed because of our  individual initiative, but also because we do things together. There are  some things, just like fighting fires, we don’t do on our own. I mean,  imagine if everybody had their own fire service. That would be a hard  way to organize fighting fires.

"So we say to ourselves, ever since the founding of this country, you  know what, there are some things we do better together. That’s how we  funded the G.I. Bill. That’s how we created the middle class. That’s how  we built the Golden Gate Bridge or the Hoover Dam. That’s how we  invented the Internet. That’s how we sent a man to the moon. We rise or  fall together as one nation and as one people, and that’s the reason I’m  running for President -- because I still believe in that idea. You’re  not on your own, we’re in this together."

this country was founded on the premise that we have rights vlad. the right to life, liberty and property. and the right to do with our property as we see fit as long as it were not to infringe upon someone elses rights

You have a right to move your sorry ass to a community that doesn’t have sign enforcements and you have the right to go to the town board and voice your opinions. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to disregard laws, regulations and zoning. No you can’t fucking do whatever you want on your property. You can’t have a business in a residential area, you can’t build a skyscraper house in a suburb, you can’t build extensions without permits and you can’t do whatever you see fit without following protocol.

If you think you can do whatever the fuck you want without obeying the laws of the land - FUCK YOU, follow the rules and be a decent citizen or get the fuck out. These people complaining and saying that they are too fucking good to follow the regulations that everybody else follows can go fuck themselves as well and move to a different county or better yet country. They aren’t better then everybody else, they aren’t above the law and they sure as hell don’t get to dictate to the majority of how they want things done. If the town wanted signs then the town board the citizens will over rule the policy. Until then they can shut the fuck up instead of making national news saying “town doesn’t let me do whatever the fuck I want”


P.S. I also love people like you who love talking about the principles that this country based on and improperly quoting the forefathers. It’s like lam to a slaughterhouse. In person, if asked you wouldn’t even be able to name all the founding fathers nor describe what they stood for and their political history. (Don’t bother looking it up now).


Vlad wins that one !!!


Vlad. It’s ok to have a conversation or argument with someone without belittling them. All the valid points you made in the last two pages are tainted by your attitude and condescending verbiage.

If you were to talk to me (or others) like that in person, I might slap the taste out of your mouth.

I’m only responding here because I feel like you don’t realize how you sound. There are dumb people everywhere…sometimes you may be the dumb person in the conversation. You will never get through to someone speaking like that.


I fully back this NY’er in exercising his rights…whether anyone agrees with the formalities doesn’t matter. He is standing up for what he, and many others, believe in. I applaud him in his efforts and happen to agree with him. As a land owner who CONSTANTLY has to remove other people signs and GARBAGE from my front lawn…that I spend countless hours manicuring like Edward Scissorhands. If someone told me I couldn’t put a sign on the outskirts of my property that I TAKE CARE OF…THAT I CLEAN…I would rage. Even if I was totally wrong, the manner in which this incident was handled was childish at best.

If the couple down the street are allowed to put up a “garbage sale” sign on the corner…if Joe Buttlicker is able to put up a sign “running for town supervisor”…if Phil McCraken is allowed to leave a sign up “affordable paving” AND NONE OF THESE SIGNS ARE REMOVED EVVVVVER or even questioned, how is it ok to have double standards.

In the end, all the officer had to do was knock on the guys door. He would have taken it down or moved it back. But NO, he decided to act like a bitch and be passive aggressive.

Anyway, conversations like this are healthy. They should not be turned into a pissing contest on who my nine fathers are and what Bill Jefferson said in 1492. IMHO.


He didn’t belittle him ! Trav does that on his own and vlad just stated it lol


what would di k fitzwell have for a sign? or haywood jablome have?


Wabbit, I see what you’re saying, but 2 points.

  1. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the Travis history but he is the last person on the planet that is allowed to judge others on their actions, discuss logic and sit on a mighty chair talking about work ethics of others (other threads) and what a persons rights are. It’s quite a long story, but regardless he keeps doing it.

  2. The owner got a note from the town and kept it up regardless. So saying that if the cop knocked on the guys door and asked him to take it down and he would have obliged is preposterous at best. The guy would have laughed in the cops face and told him to get off his lawn judging by his posts, his skewed belief in rights etc.

What if you neighbor across the street no longer believes in mowing his lawn and will let it grow to 5 feet tall? It’s not affecting you, its his lawn, he pays his taxes, surely he can do whatever he wants and you see no problem with that either?

It baffles me that people fail to see the other side where they would encourage certain signs being taken down that go against their beliefs, especially if the signs aren’t upto the town code. :ponder

Edit: For the record, if you want to talk about track records of having “conversations without belittling” feel free to look at two things and make your own judgment. Post history of Travis and previous arguments I was involved in and see which sided constantly makes accusations, offensive remarks, personal attacks on character and belittling… I don’t need to defend myself when there are thousands of posts of history defending my point.


if i let my lawn grow for more then a week my neighbor who mows his lawn at least twice a week starts going further into mine lol.



I agree with how you responded to Failvis, but you generally do post pretty condescendingly no matter who you are replying to. You act as if you are smarter than everyone else just because you can google stuff.


I’ll take you seriously once you apply “be nice, don’t belittle” policy to the rest of the members.