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Better yet, why don’t you explain to the folks here what principles do you have the enormous balls to “stand up for”?

For such an opinionated guy using strong words I don’t see you leading any rallies :ponder


All you do is try to stir the pot and deflect


That’s his MO.


If people keep bringing my persona into an argument that had nothing to do with me personally then what do you expect to happen? Those points are irrelevant to the argument.

Pick your favorite:

Its really simple. If you don’t like where the argument is heading and you have nothing to contribute then stay the hell out and don’t post. If you’re going to come in and derail a discussion by commenting on the arguer instead of the subject matter then you’re a fool.


vlad i think what he was saying is these ppl are standing up for what they belive in. and you on the other hand are calling them.idiots for doing so and in the matter of how they do it. but you your self do not stand for anything it seems


If by “standing up for them” you mean arguing online about suing over a sign that is in violation of a town code, as per town letter, just because it’s 2A related and their “sign rights shall not be infringed upon”, then yes I will call them idiots for doing so especially when they bring myself into the argument for some reason and I will “stand” for that all day long.

If it was a pro welfare sign that was knocked down by cops in an identical situation, same people would be on the side of the cops and they would encourage the owner to be fined for each offense :rofl :rofl :rofl

Oh the irony… it hurts.


It’s not a matter of violation of town code, if it was cops would be removing every political sign along the roads, and you don’t see that happening. The cop targeted this man, for this specific sign. If we cannot trust cops to protect our rights who can we trust


Clearly you know the truth.

You can’t ever trust cops from now on nor will it ever change and your mind is all made up.

You better arm yourself to the teeth and ready to fight to the tooth and nail as the system is shot and all your rights are being eaten away. What’s the point of arguing online? What exactly are you standing up for? What is your end goal? If you truly believe that cops are targeting 2A owners, you’re fucked already, screwed royally. You better hope and pray to survive longer then 10 rounds when you got a squad surrounding your house and they have a gun pointing at every vantage point. Arguing on the internet isn’t going to win this battle.

If you do somehow believe you can change the entire establishment that is out to get your rights, please let me know what the plan is and how you’re proactive about it. And please don’t say “spreading the word”. Everybody who doesn’t trust the government and is paranoid is well aware of the same situation you see.

Did I miss anything? Besides you know… the crazy theory that it was a complaint from a neighbor that caused an out of code sighn to be removed? What other signs are down that road? Do you know how far off the road the are? What they are for? What the regulation for those types of signs is? Whether the people and political parties got permits for them? Of course you do. Otherwise it would be unreasonable for you to be so adamant about making these claims.


This is why no one likes you


Yep you got it. You know me all too well.

People I could care less for don’t like me.

Woopty Doo…

In the meantime…

Thanks for the intelligent response to questions and way “deflect” the questions by once again bringing my persona into an unrelated matter.



It is your persona that aggravates people, not what you are trying to say. If you simply said what you felt rather than saying it like a dick then maybe people wouldn’t be so bothered.



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This^. I feel like I’m one of only a few gun owners in NY that doesn’t think everything gun related is a conspiracy.