My 90' GTR project

So I came across this car litle while back when has-nihon had it appear in there stock.

read the auction sheet and it looked really beat up and in need of some serious TLC. The price was right and i decided to buy it as a project car.

I am anticipating i will have it in no longer than 7 weeks and fromthat point on i will be fixing alot.

If anyone knows where i can get the body work done let me know.

you can find it here.

Sweet car!! Too bad about the craks. Looks like fiberglass bumper so should be able to fix easy. Good luck with it.

sounds like it used to be quite the car …
wont be a cheap project car that is for sure …but goodluck

yeah im expecting to be dropping around 4-6k early on just to getit looking nice and running perfect.