My 1990 Skyline GTR

ok so i have just bought a 1990 skyline gtr from an exporter in japan and i am doing all the importing with them and myself.

here is the website for pics BNR32-006758

nice car man when is it due???

looks really clean except for the windsheild. gotta get that fixed to pass safety in canada

'it is 100% GTR".
“Godzilla with its mouth open”

nice GTR…I agree about the windshield

yeah windshield will be done in two weeks time, the sheet says crack but it is really a chip, but i want a fresh look from inside so its gettin replaced.
it is due in the middle of march.

trust me dude…your going to DIE waiting for that thing to get here! WOOHOO mine is here though!! just arrived today, picking her up tommorow!! 2 months exactly since I purchased it from auction…2 longest months of my life so far haha! :smiley:

man your lucky 2 months, i’ve got about 4 maybe a bit more.

Awesome cars guys, can’t wait to see them.

good luck with the car tommorow …2 months wait is quick and I am glad you were soo lucky

Nice, you must come to a NECC meet.

yeah down the road i will, when it comes and at that time i might join the club.


AWSOME car man. I hope your 0-60 isnt really 4.7 sec. Haha. Sure it was just a missprint. Hope to see it at the shows this year.

that time would be a 7k clutch dump and the clutch will only handle that a maximum of 7 times with it being brand new, i really am not sure if it would make that or not. but yeah i’ll bring a GTR out to one of the meets this up coming year.